Wednesday, November 9, 2011

247 Sports: 2013 Top 247 Released

Laremy Tunsil is the highest ranked Michigan
offeree for the class of 2013 at #3 overall

The new rankings for 2013 prospects on 247 Sports were released on Tuesday.  The following list is a breakdown of the players that Michigan has offered or who might be of interest to Michigan fans:

3. Laremy Tunsil - OT - Florida (offered)
4. Jaylon Smith - LB - Indiana (brother of Ohio State RB Rod Smith)
5. Jalin Marshall - QB - Ohio
7. Kevin Olsen - QB - New Jersey (offered)
10. Steven Elmer - OT - Michigan (offered, committed to Notre Dame)
12. Shane Morris - QB - Michigan (offered, committed to Michigan)
13. Ethan Pocic - OT - Illinois (offered, brother of Illinois OL Graham Pocic)
23. E.J. Levenberry - LB - Virginia (offered)
25. Jake Raulerson - OT - Texas (offered)
26. Henry Poggi - DT - Maryland (offered, visited for Purdue game)
30. Ty Isaac - RB - Illinois (offered)
32. Cameron Burrows - CB - Ohio (offered, attends same school as Roy Roundtree, Brandon Moore)
35. Dymonte Thomas - S - Ohio (offered, committed to Michigan)
37. Michael Hutchings - LB - California (offered)
38. Kendall Fuller - CB - Maryland (offered, attends same school as Blake Countess)
39. Chris Fox - OG - Colorado (offered)
52. Billy Price - OT - Ohio (offered)
55. Kyle Bosch - OT - Illinois (offered)
57. Aaron Bailey - QB - Illinois
58. Dorian O'Daniel - RB - Maryland (attends same school as Blake Countess)
60. Tim Kimbrough - LB - Indiana
65. Laquon Treadwell - WR - Illinois (offered, attends same school as Anthony Standifer)
70. Jake Butt - DE - Ohio (offered)
79. Tray Matthews - CB - Georgia (offered, committed to Georgia)
80. Jacob Matuska - TE - Ohio
104. Aregeros Turner - RB - Ohio
113. Riley Norman - OT - Michigan (offered)
115. Taco Charlton - DE - Ohio (offered)
119. Peter Kalambayi - LB - North Carolina (offered, attends same school as Jamar Adams)
130. Darian Hicks - CB - Ohio
149. Wyatt Shallman - RB - Michigan (offered, attends same school as Matt Godin, Mike Martin)
151. Elijah Daniel - DE - Indiana
161. Adam Breneman - TE - Pennsylvania (offered)
164. Kirk Garner - S - Maryland (attends same school as Blake Countess)
170. Kyle Kempt - QB - Ohio
171. Shaq Wiggins - CB - Georgia (offered)
174. Lovell Peterson - OC - Ohio
180. Jon Reschke - LB - Michigan (offered)
182. Patrick Kugler - OT - Pennsylvania
185. Matt Alviti - QB - Illinois
186. Jay Ellison - DT - Georgia (offered)
190. Austin Ramesh - ATH - Wisconsin
191. Michael McCray - ATH - Ohio (attends same school as Roy Roundtree, Brandon Moore)
199. Shelton Gibson - WR - Ohio
206. Evan Lisle - OT - Ohio
211. Ben Gedeon - ATH - Ohio (offered)
218. Jourdan Lewis - CB - Michigan (attends same school as Royce Jenkins-Stone, Terry Richardson, Delonte Hollowell, William Campbell, Thomas Gordon)
229. Darrien Howard - LB - Ohio
242. Ross Douglas - RB - Ohio


  1. Still a little bummed (and perplexed) about Elmer. Strange to see him commit so early to ND after taking so many other visits. Never heard him say "I love Notre Dame and none other and carry pictures of touchdown Jesus and Coach Kelly in my heart" like other 2013 commits do about their respective schools. Now bummed even more so because they rate him juust above Morris.

  2. @ Michael 7:58 p.m.

    I don't think it was the surprising to see Elmer commit to Notre Dame. He was kind of a longshot for Michigan from the beginning, since he seemed to favor both MSU and ND over Michigan at the beginning of the process. U-M got a slight bump when they offered, but sometimes those things wear off quickly.

    Besides, with the OL class that Michigan is bringing in for 2012, missing out on a top OT in 2013 shouldn't be extremely detrimental. Sure, it would be nice to get him...but the impact might be minimal.

  3. I've seen elmer play in person, not impressive. He's great on paper but i don't get all the hype on the field. He's a very smart nice kid and i support him all the way.

    P.s. Hes been a domer for life

  4. Wow, that is one regional focused group. I thought it was a "Best of the Midwest" for a few seconds. There is just one person from CA, from TX, from FL and just two from PA. No one from LA or AZ.

    I know we've always gotten kids primarily from the Midwest, but this list seems much more so than usual (though perhaps your list is leaving out offered folks from these farther out states).

  5. @ Rob Pollard 12:13 p.m.

    I included all players from the Big Ten imprint, all offered players, and all players from schools where recent Wolverines are alumni.

  6. Thanks. That basically confirms we are (at present) much more regionally focused. We basically haven't given offers for places, that when Hoke and Mattison were here earlier, were states we got great recruits from (CA, PA and FL in particular).

    Hopefully it will work out.