Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bengals release Chris Perry

Yesterday the Cincinnati Bengals released former Michigan running back Chris Perry.

This isn't too surprising. Perry was drafted to be a big-play alternative to bruiser Rudi Johnson. Problems ensued, including Perry's lack of big-play ability (3.4 yards per carry in the NFL) and his inability to be healthy.

As a former 1st round draft pick, I'm guessing Perry will get another shot with an NFL team. But I'm not expecting big things from him, just like I didn't expect much from him coming out of college. Perry had a very good senior season, but I never thought he ran very hard as a freshman, sophomore, or junior. Much like current Michigan running back Carlos Brown, Perry never seemed to be able to break many tackles.

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  1. Perry actually looked to be exceeding expectations in the NFL before his first injury. He averaged 4.6 ypc his second year, the only one where he saw significant touches until last year's failed comeback.