Thursday, July 16, 2009

Austin White, Wolverine

Yesterday morning on Sam Webb's radio program, Livonia running back Austin White committed to Michigan. I wrote up a scouting report back in March that will hopefully serve as somewhat informative if you're looking for that sort of thing.

White is the sixteenth commit in the 2010 recruiting cycle and possibly the last running back. It's quite possible that White saw players like Brandon Gainer and Eduardo Clements high on Michigan and realized that if either one committed, Michigan might not take on White, at least not as a running back (White could possibly play WR or DB, if necessary).

At this point, Michigan might take on one other running back or stick with White and Stephen Hopkins. There are a few backs available that Michigan would almost surely take regardless of numbers, such as Clements, Mack Brown, and Brennan Clay. I do not think Gainer falls in that same category. In my opinion, Gainer is overrated as a prospect and not good enough to warrant a scholarship with so many defensive needs still outstanding. However, in a semi-recent interview, Fred Jackson said we "have five wide receivers in this class" which hinted to me that the coaching staff views both Tony Drake and Drew Dileo as slot receivers. The team is losing three running backs (Brandon Minor, Kevin Grady, and Carlos Brown) to graduation, so don't be surprised if Michigan takes on one more running back.

White is #23 in the following highlights:

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