Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 Countdown: #56 James Rogers

Name: James Rogers
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 191 lbs.
High school: Lamphere High School in Madison Heights, MI
Position: Cornerback
Class: Senior
Jersey number: #18
Last year: I ranked him #56 (weird!) and said he'd be a backup WR and special teams contributor. He was a backup WR and made 7 special teams tackles but switched to cornerback halfway through the season.

I said this last year, but so far it seems that Rogers has been screwed over at Michigan. I really feel bad for this kid. His first year was wasted by playing cornerback in garbage time, preventing him from redshirting. Then he switched to wide receiver when Rich Rodriguez was hired, started two games, and made 3 catches for 64 yards. Then he switched back to cornerback in mid-2009.

For some reason, Rogers' development has been put on the backburner throughout his 3+ years at Michigan. Rather than keeping him at one position where he might improve, he's seemingly been jerked around despite performing decently at both positions. He'll likely be a backup cornerback and a special teamer in 2010, his senior year. It would be nice to see him make some strides and earn some playing time this year, but I'm not counting on it. If that doesn't happen, I hope he can at least earn some run as a gunner on the punt unit and maybe fall on a muffed punt or two. Kudos to James Rogers for playing wherever the team has needed him.

Prediction for 2010: Backup cornerback and special teams coverage. Probably another position switch or two as well.


  1. If you were *his* football coach and you could start over in '07 (with maybe a redshirt), where would you put him on the field?

    I think he was a RB in high school. Could safety be a possibility (then/now)?

  2. Any word on how Rogers looked in the spring? If he has any ability at all, you would think he should see some time on defense and push JT Floyd. UM's CB quality/depth is as bad as I can ever remember. Someone previously assessed that Rogers had good straight-line speed, but was not particularly agile.

  3. @ Anonymous 10:37 a.m.

    If I were in charge, I would have put Rogers at WR and left him there. He's fast enough to stretch the field, and he's caught everything thrown to him. He's also averaged over 21 yards per catch.

    I think his best defensive position is corner. He just hasn't had time to develop at that position. And at 191 lbs., he's a little light to play safety at this point in his career, I think.

  4. @ Painter Smurf

    I don't think Rogers will push JT Floyd. Reports from spring said that Rogers looked pretty solid, but I think Woolfolk and Floyd are the clear starters at corner. Justin Turner is first off the bench, and Rogers is second (not including any freshmen).

  5. Woolfolk and Rogers are the only defenders (not counting incoming freshmen) with near enough speed and quickness to play field corner, so Rogers should stay there.