Sunday, October 31, 2010

New defensive coordinator?

Defensive line coach Bruce Tall

Rumors have begun to float that Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Robinson has been or will be replaced by defensive line coach Bruce Tall, at least in the interim.  Rumors are also beginning that the search for a full-time replacement has begun.  I am not vouching for the validity of these rumors, just reporting that they exist.

Bruce Tall's coaching history:

1985-86: Tight ends and special teams coach at Cornell
1987-92: Defensive line coach at Ohio Wesleyan
1993-97: Defensive coordinator and linebacker coach at Northeastern
1998-2001: Defensive coordinator and linebacker coach at Harvard
2002-07: Safeties coach at West Virginia
2008-10: Defensive line coach at Michigan


  1. Magnus,

    What's your take on this? Can Tall help this insanely young and under-talented defense improve even just a bit?

  2. @ Alex

    No offense, but I'd rather not delve too much into speculation. It could be a giant waste of time analyzing Bruce Tall's impact if this rumor turns out to be false.

  3. Rumor has been debunked on rivals.

    Not that it matters. The problem with the defense is Rodriguez. Not Robinson. Remember when everyone wanted Shafer fired two years ago?

  4. This has nothing to do with replacement of GERG... Am I the only one surprised that Bruce Tall is considered a great DL coach, but before Michigan he had little experience at it?

  5. My take is that if RR gets to a record that will save his job (I have my doubts that 5-7 or 6-6 will) Brandon needs to tell him to bring in a stud DC, and let him pick his staff. No more cronyism. Of course, it'll be different if he brings in Jeff Casteel, however. I would vote for Vance Bedford, he's doing well at Louiseville

  6. Except for Martin, Mouton and Roh our defense is low MAC quality and will never be any better. Lombardi, Yost and Jesus together couldn't coach up these guys. Why blame Robinson?

  7. Hot young DC making waves at Syracuse. Lets go out and get him.

  8. @ Anonymous 12:10 p.m.

    He did it for five or six years earlier in his career. I know it was awhile ago, but that's a decent length of experience coaching the DL.

  9. This guy was the worst coach in Syracuse football history. Get rid of him ASAP before its too late. I just saw on ESPN that after Syracuse fired him he was then hired by Michigan as the DC, all I can say is WOW... why would anyone hire that guy?