Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chesapeake Bowl: December 30, 2010. Anyone interested?

Running back Malcolm Crockett

On December 30, 2010, the Chesapeake Bowl will be taking place in Towson, Maryland.  There are several recruits involved who might be of interest to Michigan fans, although not many are potential commits at this point.

The North roster includes WR Damiere Byrd, S Dondi Kirby, S Sheldon Royster, DE Desimon Green, WR Bill Belton, LB Armstead Williams, LB Ben Kline, CB Kyshoen Jarrett, DE Deion Barnes, OT Paul Gaughan, OG Rob Trudo, and TE Jack Tabb.

The South roster includes WR Darius Jennings, DT Vincent Croce, RB Malcolm Crockett, DT Kevin McReynolds, DT Darian Cooper, and OT Cyrus Kouandjio.

I am considering making the trek to Towson for the game.  It's not a certainty because I might be out of town and visiting family, but if anyone else in the area is interested in meeting at the game, feel free to comment here and/or e-mail me at


  1. When I saw this post I was hopeful that there was a new college bowl game where Michigan could play a C-USA opponent instead of the inevitable slaughter coming in the Insight Bowl.

  2. Patrick Skov playing for North is a beast!! I have seen him play and the boy can move, truck, and catch. He is my BOY!

  3. Anthony Gaffney is one of the North WR's...look for him as a sleeper! He can defintely make a name for himself in this game!

  4. WR Jordan Kittrell playing for the south #87 flew under the radar on a team that featured RB Malcolm Crockett...The kid is a beast and treats HS DBs like little leaguers....Grew an nch since the summer....6-5, 4.55 38" vertical..A Beast has alot of interest considering Cincinnati.

  5. Percee Goings is one of the South's QB's that will show off the talent that he has as a scholar athlete .He is very balanced and will also make a name for himself and also representing for the QB's that still take snap's directly from the center!!!!!!!!!

  6. Matt Zanellato a wide receiver, committed to Penn State, from Burke, VA is the DC area's leading wide receiver and is one to watch - hope that he gets to play enough to show his talent.

  7. It's interesting that most of the players mentioned above WERE actually standouts in the game. Gaffney didn't really seem to make a big impact, but the rest did.

    You people were actually right!

    It was a fun game. I'm glad I went.