Saturday, June 25, 2011

Freshman Numbers Revealed

A poster over at Rivals posted the following jersey numbers for the incoming freshmen.  I'm not sure how accurate they are, but here's what he gave:

3 Russell Bellomy
5 Justice Hayes
18 Blake Countess
20 Tamani Carter
21 Raymon Taylor
24 Delonte Holowell
35 Greg Brown
38 Thomas Rawls
40 Antonio Poole
44 Desmond Morgan
45 Matt Wile
52 Kellen Jones
57 Frank Clark
58 Chris Bryant
79 Tony Posada
82 Chris Barnett
92 Keith Heitzman
95 Chris Rock
97 Brennen Beyer

Sorry, I did not get Russell Bellomy (EDIT: Bellomy is #3.  Thanks, readers!) or Jack Miller.


  1. So your telling me we didn't have anyone not show up!? Pretty surprising.

  2. At least Hoke didn't give the #1 jersey to an unheralded DB

  3. @ Anonymous 8:13 p.m.

    Well, I'm hoping everyone shows up, but at this time last year, we thought Austin White and Davion Rogers would still be around in the fall, too. So you never know.

  4. @ Lutha 11:46 p.m.

    Who knows? Maybe Jack Miller will get it...

  5. I think we should give the #1 Jersey to Matt Wile immediately following his first made field goal.

  6. The way Braylon Edwards is going the #1 jersey is going to become a stigma rather than an honor.

  7. I thought Justice Hayes said his roommate (B. Countess) would be wearing #8?

    I dunno...

    And dibs on the blonde tart 2 posts above this one.

  8. Bellomy will be #3.

  9. What happened to Jack Miller?! What's his number?!

  10. @ Anonymous 1:31 p.m.

    I'm not sure. But don't worry - he's still on his way to Michigan. I have that from a pretty good source. It's not a Demar Dorsey-type situation.