Thursday, August 23, 2012

MVictors: Michigan Records Within Reach

Ron Simpkins (#40) holds Michigan's
record for most career tackles.
Greg Dooley "perused" the 2012 Michigan Football media guide and discovered several records that could be broken during the upcoming season.  Unsurprisingly, Denard will almost certainly crush Henne's record for most career yards gained (9,300), requiring only 1,140 yards this fall to surpass him.  On the downside, he should also pass up Henne for most career interceptions (37), as he's unlikely to throw fewer than eight picks.


  1. That would be a pretty amazing accomplishment for Denard considering that Henne was a 4-year starter. Plus, Henne was far more polished as a freshman and had a better supporting cast.

  2. What is the record for most career fumbles and career turnovers? I'm guessing Denard is closing in on those too.