Thursday, January 10, 2013

Premature 2013 Depth Chart

I don't think Devin Gardner will be playing wide receiver next season
QB: Devin Gardner (Sr.), Russell Bellomy (RS So.), Shane Morris (Fr.)*
RB: Fitzgerald Toussaint (RS Sr.), Thomas Rawls (Jr.), Drake Johnson (RS Fr.), DeVeon Smith (Fr.)*, Justice Hayes (RS So.)
FB: Joey Kerridge (RS So.), Sione Houma (So.), Wyatt Shallman (Fr.)*
WR: Jeremy Gallon (RS Sr.), Drew Dileo (Sr.), Jehu Chesson (RS Fr.), Da'Mario Jones (Fr.)*
WR: Amara Darboh (So.), Jeremy Jackson (Sr.), Jaron Dukes (Fr.), Csont'e York (Fr.)*
TE: Devin Funchess (So.), A.J. Williams (So.), Jake Butt (Fr.), Khalid Hill (Fr.), Jordan Paskorz (RS Jr.)
LT: Taylor Lewan (RS Sr.), Erik Magnuson (RS Fr.), Logan Tuley-Tillman (Fr.)*
LG: Kyle Kalis (RS Fr.), Blake Bars (RS Fr.), Kyle Bosch (Fr.)*
C: Jack Miller (RS So.), Joey Burzynski (RS Jr.), Graham Glasgow (RS So.), Patrick Kugler (Fr.)*
RG: Chris Bryant (RS So.), David Dawson (Fr.)*
RT: Michael Schofield (RS Sr.), Ben Braden (RS Fr.), Chris Fox (Fr.)*

SDE: Keith Heitzman (RS So.), Chris Wormley (RS Fr.), Tom Strobel (RS Fr.)
NT: Ondre Pipkins (So.), Richard Ash (RS Jr.), Willie Henry (RS Fr.), Maurice Hurst, Jr. (Fr.)*
DT: Quinton Washington (RS Sr.), Jibreel Black (Sr.), Matt Godin (RS Fr.), Ken Wilkins (RS Jr.), Henry Poggi (Fr.)*
WDE: Frank Clark (Jr.), Brennen Beyer (Jr.), Mario Ojemudia (So.), Taco Charlton (Fr.)
SAM: Jake Ryan (RS Jr.), Cam Gordon (RS Sr.), Mike McCray II (Fr.)*
MIKE: Desmond Morgan (Jr.), Joe Bolden (So.), Mike Jones (RS Sr.), Royce Jenkins-Stone (So.), Kaleb Ringer (RS Fr.)
WILL: James Ross (So.), Antonio Poole (RS So.), Ben Gedeon (Fr.)
BC: Raymon Taylor (Jr.), Delano Hill (Fr.), Channing Stribling (Fr.)*
FC: Blake Countess (RS So.), Terry Richardson (So.), Jourdan Lewis (Fr.), Dennis Norfleet (So.)
FS: Jarrod Wilson (So.), Josh Furman (RS Jr.), Jeremy Clark (RS Fr.)
SS: Thomas Gordon (RS Sr.), Marvin Robinson (Sr.), Dymonte Thomas (Fr.), Allen Gant (RS Fr.)
#SC: Courtney Avery (Sr.), Delonte Hollowell (Jr.), Ross Douglas (Fr.)*

P: Matt Wile (Jr.)
K: Brendan Gibbons (RS Sr.)

*Expected to redshirt
#Slot Corner, which is not quite a starting position


  1. "P: Matt Wile (Jr.)"

    ... Are we assuming Hagerup is getting the boot? (Sure, pun intended.)

  2. No Reynolds on the receiver depth chart? It seemed like at the end of the the season he made himself valuable enough as a blocker/occasional option that he'd play over a freshman. Also, no Avery at corner? I'm guessing you left him out since he'll play in the slot... Also, what has soured you on Hayes so much? Last question, what prompted the move of Q-Wash to 3-tech? I don't think he's athletic enough for that spot, I'd rather see Black or even Wormley there. Wormley weighed 279 this year, another 10 lbs and he'd be fine at the 3-tech.

    1. I meant to create a separate slot corner position, but forgot when it was originally posted. It has now been fixed.

      I've never liked Hayes much, not as a feature back. He's just a guy.

      Washington isn't extremely athletic, but Pipkins is a behemoth at 340-ish pounds. I'm willing to revise the depth chart if Pipkins slims down a little bit, but I think Washington and Pipkins will be the two best DT's, so they should probably both be on the field at the same time. And while Washington isn't extremely athletic, he'd be tough to block one-on-one.

    2. I think the coaches want a rotation at NT and Ash probably isn't up to the task. They may use Pipkins/Washington beside each other in some instances (i.e. short-yardage), but I don't think they'll start that way.

      I think Black will be used similarly to Roh - where he was put at DT sometimes on passing downs, but mostly played SDE.

      Unlear who the starting DT is, but there are no shortage of options. I don't think it matters all that much. There is a lot of flexibility along the DL positions.

    3. I agree with JJ about Reynolds. He played ahead of Darboh, Chesson, and maybe even Jackson. I'm not sure why everyone just assume Darboh is going to pass those guys -- but at least he has some practice hype and player praise going his way (but so did Jerald Robinson.)

      My hopes on Reynolds being passed over are in Dukes or Jones.

  3. A couple of questions:

    1) I've heard some buzz about Drake Johnson and notice you have him third. What is the substance of this buzz? Is there a serious hope that he can make actual game contributions to the Wolverines?

    2) I'm curious as to why you place Darboh so far ahead of Chesson. Not doubting you, just wondering what the info is behind this. Clearly, one of these guys has to step up next year -- both would be great.

    Finally, I count four actual seniors on the starting line-up (optimistically counting Gardner as a junior). Pretty encouraging for '14.

    1. 1. The substance of the Drake Johnson buzz comes from Hoke and other practice observers. I think he has the size that the coaches want, although I have my doubts about his pure running ability.

      2. Darboh and Chesson are at two different positions. Chesson just has a couple seniors ahead of him, whereas Darboh has a little clearer path.

    2. WRs are WRs, but Darboh played this year and Chesson didn't so it's reasonable to assume he has an edge.

  4. Observation: After three straight recruiting classes yielded (in the end) four offensive linemen, UMich will be remarkably lucky to be starting just one (RS) freshman next year. Let's all give thanks.

    Question (one of many that come to mind): Could you see Richard Ash having a "QWash" type of awakening over the next couple of years?

    1. I didn't see Washington having that type of awakening, so I guess it's possible that Ash does. But I haven't really seen anything positive out of Ash yet. Washington had some flashes back in 2010 when he got a few snaps at DT after flip-flopping with William Campbell.

  5. Is there a big difference between bc and fc? I'd like to see what Countess and Richardson can do holding down the corner spots

    1. Yeah, boundary corner is more of a run-stopping position, whereas you want your best cover guy at field corner. If you put Countess and Richardson out there at the same time, you'd have to bump Countess over to BC because Richardson's too small for that spot.

  6. Courtney Avery (and the nickel spot) seems to be missing.

  7. Courtney Avery seems to be missing. Actually the nickel spot is missing altogether.

  8. I don't buy the buzz on Drake Johnson...I think he could be a good player, but I doubt he's ready yet. He had a long way to go from HS to being college-ready. But don't forget about Rawls and Hayes. Just because they didn't emerge behind this year's terrible run-blocking doesn't mean they won't be good with an off-season of battling for the #1 job while Fitz recovers.

    My RB depth chart looks like this: Fitz, Hayes, Rawls, Smith, Johnson.

  9. WOW, I look at WR after Dileo and Gallon leave, and that will be a huge hole in 2014. Thats why I'm not content with the current WR's we have committed for the '13 class. 2014 WR production is going to be solely dependent on kids that Hoke has recruited, which means we better hope that Darboh and Chesson step it up this year, or we will have to rely on RS freshman York, Dukes and Jones.

  10. Fun post. These are the modifications I have on my list:

    Dileo over Darboh - I tend to expect productive vets to stay ahead of young guys who weren't red-shirted. Also think a freshman could emerge here (maybe Jones).

    Burzynski over Miller - See last comment; Burzynski was better than Miller last year and I don't think that will change.

    Braden over Bryant - I'm buying the hype on Kalis and Braden. I think Schofield moves back to OG. Also, I expect some OL attrition given the 6 or 7 recruit thing - something's up there and I'm guessing Bryant or Miller aren't up to starting.

    D.Smith (or D.Green) over Rawls - I've not been impressed with Rawls. Also think Northfleet will return here.

    Black over Hietzman at DE. Black's the better player right now.
    Wormley over Washington at DT. I think Washington and Pipkins are both NTs.

    Hagerup over Wile - if he was going to be booted it would have already happened, right?

    You don't think Thomas will red-shirt? Given how raw he is in coverage and the many options at backup safety there are (Robinson, Furman, Gant, Clark) - it's hard to imagine him getting a lot of work unless they see him as the likely starter in '14.

    I kind of doubt both Hill and Lewis play. Hill seems like a RS to me, but it may depend on special teams usefulness.

    1. I just can't see the coaches starting a 5'8" WR and a 5'10" WR. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just think Hoke/Borges want more size on the field. Otherwise, why would Jeremy Jackson have played so much?

      Burzynski was playing guard last year, not center.

      I haven't been impressed with Rawls, either, but Smith doesn't seem like an immediate-impact player, either. And if Green commits, both of them will probably fall further down the depth chart.

      I think Thomas will play special teams, if nothing else. They're likely grooming him for 2014, and I doubt they would want to start a totally inexperienced guy as a redshirt freshman in 2014.

      I think Hagerup might get the Darryl Stonum treatment - either leave or accept a 1-year suspension. Either scenario would likely leave Wile as the punter. Of course, if Hagerup gets a lesser suspension (or none), then my prediction might be wrong.

  11. I think boldens gonna win the mike spot