Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wolverine Nation: Exit Interview - Curt Graman

Long snapper Curt Graman is graduating with a year of eligibility remaining, which is one reason why Michigan needed to recruiting incoming freshman snapper Scott Sypniewski.


  1. The question remains whether a scholarship was worth spending for a LS. I'm inclined to believe a good LS is worth it. I'm hoping Scott Sypniewski is a good LS.

  2. Do long snappers differ from other linemen in their need to take a redshirt year? Can Michigan count on Sypniewski to step in right away or do LS need to put on weight and train the same as other OL?

    1. Long snappers don't necessarily need to take a redshirt. You don't want them to be huge and bulky, because that can affect their flexibility. And remember that long snappers can't be hit by the defense as soon as they snap because they're in a vulnerable position, so they're often the first guy on the line to release downfield on punts. If you have a huge guy who can't run, then he'll be liability in punt coverage. That's why most long snappers look like tight ends.