Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello Friends

I am very excited to be joining the Touch the Banner  team. I have been a huge fan of Michigan football for as long as I can remember, and have always been captivated by the history and prestige of the program. I am a former college football player at the FCS level; I enjoyed some great football experiences in college while also receiving my degree in journalism and public relations. Upon graduation, I spent two years coaching LBs and TEs at the high school level. I have a real passion for the game and really enjoy focusing on recruiting and film break down. Now working in the business world, I can’t keep away from Michigan Football and really look forward to sharing all the knowledge and information that I can obtain. GO BLUE!
Mike  C


  1. Mike Cox? That you?

    1. Haha that made me lol.

      Welcome aboard Mike C (ox). U have to use this now even if your are not him

  2. Welcome aboard Mike. Your expertise and love for Michigan are great calling cards. At the risk of sounding trite I say:
    GO BLUE!