Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jon Runyan, Jr., Wolverine

Jon Runyan, Jr. (center) with Caris LeVert and Nik Stauskas
Natrona Heights (PA) St. Joseph's offensive lineman Jon Runyan, Jr. committed to Michigan on Tuesday over offers from no one else.

Runyan measured in at 6'4" and 245 lbs. recently. To my knowledge, no further statistics or measurements are available at this time.

Rivals: N/A
Scout: N/A
247 Sports: 3-star, #37 OT, #341 overall

Runyan is the son of former Michigan offensive tackle Jon Runyan, who played college ball in the early- to mid-1990's, earning All-Big Ten accolades, getting selected in the 4th round of the NFL Draft by the Houston Oilers, and becoming a Pro Bowler in his years with the Oilers, Tennessee Titans, and Philadelphia Eagles. The younger Runyan camped at Michigan last week, where he earned an offer from the Wolverines' staff. He said at the time that it was basically a guarantee he would commit, so this is about as surprising as another bout of Mark Dantonio constipation. Previously, Runyan had camped at Ohio State and visited Penn State for their junior day.

Runyan is a very technical player, which one should expect as the son of such a high-level football player. He keeps a nice, wide base and moves his feet well after contact. He does a good job with hand placement and does not get over-extended. He bends well at the knees and can roll his hips to get extension. I like the way he zone blocks and works in combination with his linemate on the right side, because he's quick enough to cut off penetration and strong enough to get movement.

Obviously, Runyan needs to add bulk to his 245 lb. frame. He seems to lack some upper body strength, which will come with added bulk. I would also like to see him get a little bit nastier. He finishes blocks to the extent that the defender is out of the play, but he doesn't block to the whistle in order to demoralize defenders or get them off their game. I would like to see him drive guys into the ground or until the echo of the whistle.

Overall, I would have no problem playing Runyan at offensive tackle if he adds a little bit of length. He has the foot speed and coordination to be a blind side tackle if necessary. He may have to move inside to guard if he doesn't hit that growth spurt. So much depends on size that it's tough to project him far down the road, but based on his genes, athleticism, and technique, I think he could be a very good college player.

This is Michigan's second commitment for the class of 2015.

TTB Rating: N/A. I am not assigning TTB Ratings until the 2014 class wraps.


  1. Jon Runyon Sr. was the first guy I ever remember to commit early and then get out himself and recruit. Jr. is really getting a jump on the process.

    I think it's reasonable to think that a 6'4" ish 240 lbs. high school sophomore will grow up to be a 6'6" ish 275 lbs. incoming college freshman. Maybe we'll even get four years out of him as I'm pretty sure Jon Runyon Sr. was also one of the first guys around here to leave for the NFL with college eligibility remaining.

  2. This will be a small class, so the staff would not give out an early offer to someone they didn't really like. That said, I alway feel better when Thunder gives his stamp of approval for a lineman.

    BTW, how much do you like Chuma Edoga?

    1. I don't love Edoga, so I don't think he's a 5-star or anything. But I do think he's a very solid prospect. I was a little surprised that he wasn't offered at camp, but it sounds like he might get an offer at some point, maybe even soon.

  3. What's he doing with those basketball players? :)

    Also, LeVert is looking taller than 6'5" (or whatever his listed height was at enrollment).

    1. The coaches said one of the reasons LeVert burned his redshirt was because he grew an inch and gained 15 lbs between his first day on campus and the start of the season.

    2. Levert is still real young, my oldest kid added an inch plus in college with a lot less total height to work with than has Levert. A 6'7" or taller Caris Levert would be a real nice addition to the B-Ball roster without having to do anything other than grow, think wing defenders at both Syracuse and Louisville.

      I always wonder if he has his Uncle Eddie's pipes ..... speaking of guys who spent some time in the choir.