Thursday, March 2, 2023

2023 Scholarship Count


Michael Barrett

Players are listed in order of remaining eligibility. With 94 scholarships allotted, Michigan is currently beyond its scholarship limit by 9. Meanwhile, 18 seniors are scheduled to graduate, so the 2024 class should have at least 18 players.

  • Removed CB Jalen Perry, who is not on the spring roster.
  • Re-added LB Michael Barrett, who announced he is returning for a sixth year of eligibility.
  • Removed DE Mike Morris and CB D.J. Turner II, who are entering the NFL Draft.
  • Removed DE Eyabi Okie, who is transferring.
  • Removed WR Andrel Anthony, who is transferring to Oklahoma.
  • Re-added DT Cam Goode, who announced he is returning for a sixth year of eligibility.
  • Removed LB Deuce Spurlock, who is transferring to Florida.
  • Added QB Jack Tuttle and TE A.J. Barner, who are transferring in from Indiana.
  • Added LB Hayden Moore and DB D.J. Waller.
  • Added DE Josaiah Stewart, who is transferring in from Coastal Carolina.
  • Added OT Myles Hinton and C Drake Nugent, who are transferring in from Stanford.
  • Added DT Trey Pierce.
  • Added LB Ernest Hausmann, who is transferring in from Nebraska.
  • Removed DE George Rooks, who is transferring to Boston College.
  • Added OG LaDarius Henderson, who is transferring to Michigan from Arizona State.
  • Removed TE Louis Hansen, who is transferring.
  • Added CB Mike Sainristil, who is returning for a fifth year.
  • Added OL Nathan Efobi, LB Breeon Ishmail, LB Jason Hewlett, CB Cameron Calhoun.
  • Removed EDGE Collins Acheampong, who flipped to Miami.
  • Removed QB Cade McNamara, who is transferring to Iowa.


Hit the jump for the breakdown by class.

SIXTH YEAR SENIORS = 3 (Final season 2023)
QB Jack Tuttle
DT Cam Goode
LB Michael Barrett

REDSHIRT SENIORS = 8 (Final season 2023)
OL Karsen Barnhart
OL LaDarius Henderson
OL Trente Jones
OL Trevor Keegan

OL Drake Nugent
LB Joey Velazquez

DB Quinten Johnson
DB Mike Sainristil
RB Leon Franklin
RB Danny Hughes
TE Hunter Neff
DB Keshaun Harris
DB Joshua Luther
DB Andrew Russell

SENIORS = 7 (Final season 2023)
RB Blake Corum
WR A.J. Henning
WR Roman Wilson
OL Zak Zinter

EDGE Jaylen Harrell
LB Kalel Mullings
DB Makari Paige

RB Isaiah Gash
RB Nico Tiberia
WR Will Rolapp
WR Jake Thaw
LS Greg Tarr

REDSHIRT JUNIORS = 10 (Final season 2024)
TE A.J. Barner
TE Matt Hibner
OL Reece Atteberry

OL Myles Hinton
OL Jeffrey Persi

EDGE Kris Jenkins, Jr.
EDGE Braiden McGregor

LB Nikhai Hill-Green
DB Eamonn Dennis
DB R.J. Moten

WR Christian Bartholomew
WR Sam Staruch
TE Josh Beetham
TE Noah Stewart
LB Jerome Nichols

JUNIORS = 5 (Final season 2024)
QB J.J. McCarthy
RB Donovan Edwards
LB Junior Colson

EDGE Josaiah Stewart
DB Rod Moore

REDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 15 (Final season 2025)
RB Tavierre Dunlap
WR Cristian Dixon
OL Raheem Anderson II
OL Tristan Bounds

OL Greg Crippen
OL Giovanni El-Hadi
OL Dominic Giudice
EDGE Kechaun Bennett

DT Rayshaun Benny
DT Ikechukwu Iwunnah

LB Jaydon Hood
LB Tyler McLaurin
DB Ja'Den McBurrows
P Tommy Doman
QB Davis Warren
RB Christian Boivin
RB Henry Donohue
RB William McBride
WR Peyton O'Leary
WR Joe Taylor
TE Max Bredeson
TE Noah Howes
DL Peter Simmons
LB Trevor Andrews
LB Alexander Lidback
LB Joel Metzger
LB Philip Quansah
DB Jesse Madden
K/P Charlie Mentzer

SOPHOMORES = 11 (Final season 2025)
QB Alex Orji
RB C.J. Stokes

WR Darrius Clemons
WR Amorion Walker
TE Colston Loveland
DT Kenneth Grant
DT Mason Graham

DE Derrick Moore
LB Ernest Hausmann
LB Jimmy Rolder
DB Will Johnson

REDSHIRT FRESHMEN = 12 (Final season 2026)
QB Jayden Denegal
WR Tyler Morris
TE Marlin Klein
OL Andrew Gentry
OL Connor Jones
DL Alessandro Lorenzetti

LB Micah Pollard
DB Myles Pollard
DB Zeke Berry
DB Damani Dent
DB Kody Jones

DB Keon Sabb
QB Declan Byle
QB Brandon Mann
WR Logan Forbes
TE Chibi Anwunah
OL Daniel Taraboi
EDGE Joey Klunder
EDGE Charlie Lovell
DB Nico Andrighetto
DB Josh Nichols
DB Shomari Stone II
DB Bryce Wilcox
LS Evan Boutorwick
LS James Kavouklis

FRESHMEN = 23 (Final season 2026)
QB Kendrick Bell
RB Cole Cabana
RB Benjamin Hall

WR Karmello English
WR Fredrick Moore
WR Semaj Morgan
TE Zack Marshall
TE Deakon Tonielli

OL Nathan Efobi
OL Amir Herring
OL Evan Link
EDGE Enow Etta
EDGE Aymeric Koumba
DT Brooks Bahr

DT Trey Pierce
LB Semaj Bridgeman

LB Jason Hewlett
LB Breeon Ishmail
LB Hayden Moore
DB Cameron Calhoun
DB Jyaire Hill
DB D.J. Waller
K Adam Samaha


  1. It's probably a safe bet that someone transferring in would do so only with a scholarship on the table, but is that some kind of requirement of the transfer system? Also, can non-scholarship players exercise the transfer portal? I would imagine so, but I wasn't sure if the portal from a scholarship-only thing.

    1. This was called "oversigning" around 10 years ago and there was some concerns expressed back then but these days it's just common accepted practice. A scholarship offer is made to a player (either in High School or in the Portal) typically, but there is no audit being performed to ensure that there are enough available scholarships to offer out. That all gets sorted out in the end.

      In reality, it's a safe bet that something is being offered and in reality it's usually scholarship, but (AFAIK) it could also be NIL money instead. Blake Corum is probably getting at least a million dollars to play for Michigan in 2023 so I doubt he is too concerned one way or the other about the tuition cost (it's tax deductible anyway). So in practice, it doesn't matter if Blake is getting a scholarship or the Portal offeree is getting a scholarship.

      It has been the take of some - that scholarship limits don't matter anymore. TBD if that's the case, but we know that there are more players on the roster than scholarships and we know that there is an exact upper limit on scholarships per term (85). The number on the year is far bigger because they can be semester-long scholarships.

      I do know that the majority of "seniors" listed here are not guaranteed scholarships in the fall. It's definitely a misnomer to describe the scholarship as "allotted". They aren't. It's also incorrect to say they are "currently above the limit". They aren't, they can't be. It's also misleading to equate graduation with eligibility expiration anymore.

      The eligibility is also not accurate because, for example, Blake Corum for example is not a Senior eligibility wise. Every guy listed as a (true) senior has another year of eligibility left beyond 2023, at least. Jeff Persi, eligibility wise, will be a sophomore but IRL will be a senior and academically (for all I know) may be a grad student. It's complicated but the bottom line is the list is not telling a clear story about any of these 3 things.

      Acknowledging that the groupings are complicated/off, and setting aside the semantics issues, what is shown is ultimately a listing of most of the potential options/candidates to use up the 85 scholarships Michigan is allowed to use. Of course the roster can be much larger (including non-scholarship players, some of which are included here) but it reflects a reasonable best guess at roster candidates and scholarship users in the fall.