Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rich Rodriguez is a drama queen

Mark Snyder's blog says that Nick Sheridan was seen with crutches and a walking boot, which means my official diagnosis is that Nick Sheridan did not:

1. break his femur.
2. improve his chances of winning the starting QB job.
3. contract AIDS.
Broken femurs usually involve loud cracking noises, lots of screaming, and a wheelchair with a mattress on it.

Starting quarterbacks usually are medically cleared to play football.

And #3 is just a guess, really.

It's unclear how serious Sheridan's injury is. A sprain or a break will likely not affect his medical clearance for football season. It will probably prevent him from participating in much of spring practice, perhaps even the duration of the spring session.

I wouldn't venture as far as to say that Tate Forcier is happy about this turn of events, but certainly things couldn't have gone any better for him earning the starting QB nod for the fall. He enrolled early. Last year's starter, Steven Threet, is transferring. Last year's other starter, Sheridan, is now hobbled. And his fellow Class of 2009 quarterback is finishing up high school in Florida.
Rich Rodriguez clearly shies away from quarterback stability, as every Michigan quarterback now seems to run away or suffer from Bill Blass disease.

Meanwhile, Justin Feagin keeps getting sucked into the black hole that is the Michigan quarterback position. The coaches keep telling him to play slot and he keeps practicing at slot, but he keeps looking closer and closer to playing quarterback.

Meanwhile, our quarterback depth chart as of this moment looks like this:

1. Tate Forcier
2. Justin Feagin
3. Carlos Brown
4. Terrence Robinson
5. Mary Sue Coleman
6. David Cone

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