Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Suggestion: Hit the Gym

Ryan Reynolds does my workout regimen.

Okay, instead of sitting around here and waiting for some actual news, I'm going to hit the gym.  What better way to expend my energy than by tossing around some weights and running a couple miles?

By the way, I'm starting P90X in a couple days.  I hope I don't die.


  1. I did P90X for about 4 weeks last winter before I dropped it due to lack of time/becoming lazy. It is not time-consuming in actual workout time (100 minutes for the longest one - Yoga X) but can become cumbersome trying to fit a workout everyday into the crazy hectic lives most of us lead.

    I didn't become ripped in 4 weeks (obv) but I did slim down a little and lost about 8 pounds (went from 180 to 172ish, btw I'm 6-1).

    Anyways, it WILL kick your ass at first, but is worth it. The time factor on a daily basis does become tricky at times.

  2. P90X is not to be messed with. I pulled a muscle in my ass three weeks ago while doing my training and haven't been the same since. Consider this a warning.

  3. @ MH20 4:54 p.m.

    Thanks for the advice. I typically work out for 90 minutes five or six days a week, anyway. I know P90X is going to kick my ass because I don't always go-go-go when I work out, but luckily the time won't really be an issue (now that my football season is over).

  4. You'll want to pace yourself for about the first week (or the first 3-4 days at least) -- your body will thank you (and then hate you for starting this GD program).
    I'm not exactly super in shape, but I was a runner in HS and have still maintained a decent fitness level into my late 20s, and the day after the first workout (chest & back) I could barely pull the seatbelt across my body. The day after the next workout (pylos) was better -- wait no it didn't, this time I couldn't walk.

    Anyway, good luck. Also, Tony Horton is kind of a tool.

  5. @ Mh20 6:31 p.m.

    lol I can't wait until I can't put my seatbelt on! That should be a fun day.

    People on MGoBlog think I'm kind of a tool, too, so maybe Tony Horton and I will get along.

  6. You're not a tool Magnus/Thunder. I think you're a huge asset to MGoBlog. Probably why you know contribute to two blogs and run your own. Anyways, keep up the good work. Oh yeah...how come you guys aren't doing the world's strongest man anymore?

  7. @ thesauce2424


    We stopped doing the World's Strongest Man because too many people were doping. But I was clean, I swear!

  8. Beware of Yoga X. It is absolutely brutal.

  9. @ Anonymous 10:25 a.m.

    Yoga X SOUNDS brutal. If you add an "X" to the end of anything, it makes it twice as tough.

  10. Yoga X sucks so much. It's 102 freaking minutes long and involves contorting your body in a way it was never designed to bend. I also did not like Core Synergistics.

  11. Good Luck during P90X. Like MH20 said, Yoga sucks but whatever. I completed it during last January-April, and if you do the workouts, you will see the results. Trust me