Thursday, March 6, 2014

Audibles: 2014 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Doug Farrar put together a 2014 mock draft, and he slots Taylor Lewan in at #17 to the Baltimore Ravens. This would be bad news to me because I dislike the Ravens, so hopefully he goes higher than that.

Hit the jump for a girl in a tight dress.


  1. Maybe it's me, but I'm just not convinced Jadaveon Clowney is a "sure thing." It's not just the supposed effort thing; it's not just the 'poor hand technique' rap ... it's just ... I don't know. It could be he's going to tear it up in the NFL. Or it could be the level of play in the NFL will make him merely 'good' rather than 'great.'

    And I'm even further unconvinced that Johnny Manziel is a sure thing.

  2. SCHWING!!!!!!!!!!!!