Saturday, March 15, 2014

Campus Union: Top 10 quarterback competitions to monitor in spring ball

No, Michigan's not on the list, but here are Chris Johnson's top ten quarterback battles going on around the country.

Hit the jump for Tiffany Jimenez in a red bathing suit.

Tiffany Jimenez


  1. Speaking of QBs, here's a quote from Josh Rosen, “If UCLA wasn’t around, Michigan would be a great option for me but like I said, I’m going to sit down when I get home from Vegas and weigh all my options. I’m glad I took the visit and it was a very positive experience. I’m looking forward to making my decision this week so I can start doing some recruiting. I’ve already been doing that but now it will be more official since I’ll have committed to a school.”


    I'm liking Waller/Malzone/Kearn/Wimbush usually in that order, but I get flakey sometimes. I'm told ..... for what it's worth ..... that Malzone ends it with an offer. So were it me, I'd tell Waller, "If Rosen says UCLA, immediately take hold of your telephone as the next sound you hear will be my call with your offer."

    Because I think the intangibles thing is so funny, I've searched around for every Rosen interview I could find and to the extent that one can form an opinion on the basis of that kind of crap writing, I'm not knocked out by the kid, but am prepared to consider the likelihood that that is just plain stupid. The one thing he does get right is that a big time QB in early is a big help in recruiting.

  2. Ai, Papi! Me likey Latinas!