Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Video: Willie Henry, Chris Wormley talk spring practice

Hit the jump for Chris Wormley's interview.


  1. Both Henry and Wormley mentioned that they go 4-deep at the nose right now even without Ondre Pipkins, and 3-deep at the 3-technique. Any idea who those guys are? They mention Henry and Mone as nose tackles and Wormley as a 3-technique and occasional DE. They also imply that Hurst is a nose. Based on all that, this is my best guess:

    Nose: Henry, Hurst, Mone, Glasgow

    3-tech: Wormley, Godin, Poggi

    Any corrections? Strobel maybe?

    1. I think your lists are correct. Poggi has apparently been playing both 3-tech and SDE, and the same can be said for Strobel.