Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 Season Countdown: #84 Bo Dever

Bo Dever (image via Jasper Sailfin Photography)
Name: Bo Dever
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs.
High school: Lake Forest (IL) Lake Forest
Position: Wide receiver
Class: Redshirt sophomore
Jersey number: #3
Last year: I did not rank Dever. He played in one game.

If you're unfamiliar with Dever's story, here's a good place to start: his hometown newspaper. His father David played offensive guard for Michigan from 1984-1987, and the current Wolverine is nicknamed in honor of David's coach, Bo Schembechler. Bo Dever came to Michigan as a preferred walk-on in the 2012 class. He redshirted as a freshman, played in the Central Michigan game last year, and watched the rest of the season from the sideline.

Dever caught a pass in the spring game and looked pretty smooth in doing so. He is probably not athletic enough to beat out the Devin Funchess, Drake Harris, and Freddy Canteen types, but he could be a possession guy who catches a ball here or there. He is also thickly built and could help as a blocker. The Wolverines are stacking some good talent at wide receiver, so it will be difficult to break through that wall.

Prediction: Backup wide receiver


  1. I have no issue with anything written here; it all makes sense.

    That said, I think Dever is the (Captain!!!) Josh Bartelstein of the football team in that his hype will always exceed his actual contributions (which may be nothing to sneeze at).

  2. Watching Michigan's Spring Game - Dever had two great catches and appeared to be one of the best possession receivers Michigan has had in decades. With the new running game offense you need a big body that can block and roll off to catch that first down!

  3. Given that York, Stokes, and Jones had unimpressive recruiting profiles and haven't generated any practice buzz, it's feasible that Dever plays a role.

    1. You seem to be joining the camp that dismisses players almost immediately. You called Chris Fox a bust after he redshirted as a freshman, and now you're throwing out the idea that York, Stokes, and/or Jones could be productive receivers. Jones played about as much as a freshman as guys like Toney Clemons and Junior Hemingway did, and those guys developed into pretty decent players. I'll also throw out that when Freddy Canteen was asked if he was the fastest player on the team, he said yes, but then he said that Da'Mario Jones might be able to beat him. Of course, Jones being the fastest guy on the team doesn't necessarily mean he'll be successful, but there's still potential there. I don't really understand why you're dismissing players so early. I would guess that at least one of the receivers you mentioned turns into a pretty good player by the end of his career.

    2. In my defense, I was dismissive of Stokes, York, and (to a lesser extent) Jones well before they arrived on campus. Technically, I didn't call Fox a bust, but I did say he looked like one.

      That all said, you're point is completely valid. It would be hypocritical of me to preace patience with 3rd year sophomores and dismiss red-shirt freshman. I'm skeptical these guys will contribute but they deserve patience. My point was more so about the guy in the countdown - Dever - and the fact that nobody has shown themselves to be an impact player ahead of him and therefore he has a chance to be a contributor in a way that, say, his equivalent at CB would not.