Monday, May 5, 2014

USA Today: College Football Countdown - #119 Appalachian State

Paul Myerberg has started his countdown of the 128 teams in FBS football, and Michigan's first opponent will be the dreaded Appalachian State Mountaineers.

Hit the jump for a picture and video of Caitlin Upton.

It's not THAT Caite Upton. This Caitlin Upton was the Miss Teen South Carolina who so terribly botched a beauty pageant question in 2007. She's an alumna of ASU, which is in North Carolina.
Caitlin Upton


  1. Well, ASU is down, no question, but they did manage to beat us with their 1* and 0.5* recruits in 2007. I just hope our guys don't drink and get high the night before. Phew.

  2. She looks smart

  3. And here I thought this would be KATE Upton. Sigh. Too much Kate on my brain.