Friday, October 31, 2014

MLive: Eight things to know about new interim athletic director Jim Hackett

Shandra Martinez talks about new interim athletic director Jim Hackett, who takes over for the departed David Brandon (LINK).

Hit the jump for a few girls showing a little bit of skin.

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  1. Well. First and foremost. I hope the new interim AD is reaching out to the Harbaugh bros. He is a football alum from Bo's teams, and most likely have a connection to the Harbaugh family. Our president probably knows this.

    When he talks to the Harbaughs, make it straightforward. Be willing to write big checks. Harbaughs prob want at least $4, 5 million a year. And most importantly, keep all this under the water. In addition, compile a list of possible HC candidates and study their careers in case a Harbaugh doesn't work out. At least 10 candidates in addition to the Harbaughs. That's what I would do, starting tomorrow.