Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recruiting Update: October 8, 2014

2015 tight end commit Chris Clark appears unlikely to stick to his Michigan commitment (image via USA Today)
Here is where I'll attempt to handicap Michigan's chances of keeping each 2015 commit in the class:
OG Jon Runyan, Jr.: 99%
K Andrew David: 98%
QB Alex Malzone: 95%
OT Grant Newsome: 90%
S Tyree Kinnel: 80%
WR Brian Cole: 75%
RB Mike Weber: 60%
LB Darrin Kirkland, Jr.: 50%
CB Garrett Taylor: 30%
TE Chris Clark: 10%

Cincinnati (OH) Elder offensive tackle Tommy Kraemer committed to Notre Dame. Michigan was way late to offer him, so the Wolverines were playing from behind. Combine that with Michigan and Notre Dame's diverging trajectories, and something like this was pretty much inevitable.

Over on Recruiting Season, I've added a profile of Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice's Brian Fortin and updated the profile of Detroit King's Donnie Corley.


  1. Thank christ this was going to be a small class to begin with, but this is still going to get ugly.

  2. I'd be content to keep 7~8 kids from the class (as you project). Attrition always happens in coaching change. But I think this class will turn out to be a lot better than 2011 class. If we keep around 8 from what we have now and the new coach adds some of his own picks, we'll be fine. Hoke has been recruiting very well 2012, 2013, and even 2014.

  3. And thank God our QB and two OL commits are solid regardless of coaching change. Thank the lord.

  4. I would bump Grant Newsome up to 99% too, since he has publicly stated he is committed to the University of Michigan not the University of Brady Hoke.

    1. 99% would be an almost absolute certainty. I think ~99% works for someone like Runyan (a legacy guy), but not Newsome, who's from Virginia and has many top programs after him. Newsome is probably the best commit in our class so far, and I am just glad that he is solid with the university itself.