Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Breitbart: Jim Harbaugh's "American Sniper" salute "not okay at all," say U-Mich activists

Here's a report on the recent showing of American Sniper  on Michigan's campus (LINK). Personally, I don't really understand all of the hullabaloo about Harbaugh tweeting out support for Chris Kyle and the movie American Sniper. In my time on Michigan's campus, I have seen a fair amount of "offensive" things that I simply chose to ignore. Harbaugh has talked in the past about liking to watch people who are really good at their jobs, regardless of what those jobs are, and Kyle was extremely good at his job. Add to that the fact that the movie addresses a big event in all of our lifetimes, and it also professes a love for something bigger than the individual.

Anyone who misconstrues the message of the movie into "I need to commit violence against Muslims" has a screw that's bound to come loose, anyway. There's no negative message in that movie that can't be derived from watching CNN or Fox News.

Good people are going to be good, whether they're white, black, Muslim, Indian, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, etc. Bad people are going to be bad, whether they're white, black, Muslim, Indian, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, etc. And when it comes to showing that type of movie to a football team, the truth is that locker rooms are some of the most welcoming places on a school campus when it comes to race. Athletes learn at a very young age how to be part of a team and part of a family, and they also mix with people of other races as much as - if not more than - any other hobby, pastime, extracurricular activity, etc. If the "protesters" and "leaders" really want to engender change, they should be looking to educate those students and people who aren't exposed to other cultures so early and so frequently.

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  1. Good point. I am a liberal on a lot of things but not on this one. The PC crowd really needs to stop on this one and address real issues instead.

    1. They can even it out by showing a couple episodes of Justified as well. They shoot lots of whities on Justified

  2. Well, if Breitbart is reporting it, it must be accurate. You might as well cite ClickHole...

  3. Well written article. Mr Anonymous here decided the story was inaccurate at the first word. Talk about a closed mind.

  4. Did you say black people can be bad?

    Get that racist-ass shit out of here.

    I hate when people make any and everything into an argument about race. Sometimes people can be dicks regardless of their ethnicity. People are judged by their actions.

    Mike Brown. I will not discuss that regardless of who I am near. People have very polarizing opinions on cases like that, but it's the fallout afterwards that really disappoints me. There were several targeted attacks, with weapons like hammers, on whites of eastern european descent who have immigrated within the past 20 years in the St. Louis area after the Mike Brown verdict. These attacks were solely because of race. It's not reported by a lot of media sources, because it doesn't fit the media's agenda. I just saw a video of three black guys asking a white dude on the train in St. Louis what he thought of Mike Brown, and when he don't have a response they jumped him.

    Did Tennessee start offing black people when Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian were tortured and murdered by a group of blacks because they were white? No.

    I just don't get it.

  5. I like the girls more than politics.

  6. I really don't think activist is an apt description for activists. Generally I see the efforts of activists in a negative/rarely constructive light. I know that's just funny word play, but it's still an interesting thought.