Monday, April 20, 2015

MLive: Jim Harbaugh admits his personality can "wear out" his welcome

Well, at least Jim Harbaugh acknowledges that he might wear out his welcome with his personality (LINK). That might be tougher to do in Ann Arbor since he's a Michigan legend, but perhaps his acknowledgement of the issue might help him curb it.

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Brittany Oldehoff


  1. The people that are milling around aimlessly are always going to have the occasional problem with the guy who knows where he's going, why he's going there and how he intends to get there.

    I think the most interesting Harbaugh interview is the post game presser after he changed Ditka'a call and throws the pick against Minnesota.

    Ditka says,"I'll just say this: 'If it happens again, there will be changes made and they will be definite and they will be permanent, "I'm not going to put 47 players' futures in the hands of one player who thinks he knows more than I do."

    Harbaugh says ,"It was a bad call, a bad audible," he said. "It was my fault." but then, "I got tricked on (the play) and it ended up being a bad play, but it`s not going to discourage me or take away my confidence."

    Throw in the stones to admit a mistake, accept responsibility and then get over it in the next breath and a lessor man is driven ape shit crazy.

  2. #3 is Brittany Oldehoff