Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 NFL Draft Results: Big Ten

Brandon Scherff was the first Big Ten player taken. He went #5 to the Washington Redskins.
For those of you interested in how the Big Ten is doing in the NFL Draft, here's a rundown of all the Big Ten prospects taken. Ohio State led the conference with five draft selections, while Michigan State and Minnesota had four each.


3rd: Tevin Coleman - RB - Indiana

1st: Brandon Scherff - OG - Redskins
3rd: Carl Davis - DT - Ravens
4th: Andrew Donnal - OT - Rams*

5th: Stefon Diggs - WR - Vikings*
6th: Darius Kilgo - DT - Broncos

2nd: Devin Funchess - WR - Panthers*
2nd: Frank Clark - DE - Seahawks*
4th: Jake Ryan - LB - Packers*
7th: Josh Furman - LB - Broncos*#

1st: Trae Waynes - CB - Vikings
4th: Jeremy Langford - RB - Bears
5th: Tony Lippett - WR - Dolphins
5th: Keith Mumphery - WR - Texans

2nd: Maxx Williams - TE - Ravens
4th: Damien Wilson - LB - Cowboys
5th: David Cobb - RB - Titans
5th: Cedric Thompson - FS - Dolphins

2nd: Ameer Abdullah - RB - Lions*
2nd: Randy Gregory - OLB - Cowboys
5th: Kenny Bell - WR - Buccaneers

4th: Ibraheim Campbell - SS - Browns
7th: Trevor Siemian - QB - Broncos

2nd: Devin Smith - WR - Jets*
3rd: Jeff Heuerman - TE - Broncos*
4th: Doran Grant - CB - Steelers*
6th: Michael Bennett - DT - Jaguars*
6th: Evan Spencer - WR - Redskins

2nd: Donovan Smith - OT - Buccaneers
5th: Adrian Amos - FS - Bears
5th: Jesse James - TE - Steelers

5th: Ryan Russell - DE - Cowboys

3rd: Tyler Kroft - TE - Bengals
5th: Michael Burton - FB - Lions

1st: Melvin Gordon - RB - Chargers*
2nd: Rob Havenstein - OT - Rams

#Played his fifth year at Oklahoma State
*Offered by Michigan


  1. lmao. Josh Furman got drafted as a LB. Thunder's right -- Furman was more of a LB to begin with, and RichRod and Hoke staff hampered his development by putting him at S.

    Another thing I am noticing is that relative parity between B1G teams in terms of sending kids to the NFL. Sure Ohio State sent the most but in overall teams like Minnesota and Iowa did just as well as Michigan did, and that's a sign that there's increasing parity within the league and college football in general. Teams really can't screw up anything in order to be at the top.

  2. maxx > ebron

    Not sure the move to S was as much of a problem as the failure to move him back (by Hoke). RR didn't have him for long.

    1. Rich Rod recruited him as a S and redshirted him at S in 2010. He played sparingly at S under Hoke for 2011-14 and did not produce much. He played LB at Oklahoma State for one year and got drafted. Thunder's been saying all along that he should've played LB to begin with.

    2. If he had been made a linebacker to begin with, he could have started learning the position and bulking up for the job. One of his problems was a lack of size when he was hovering around 200 lbs., but with his skills, he should have been eating large pizzas every night until he hit 215-220 lbs.

      P.S. I'm joking about eating pizza, but the point remains.

  3. Does anyone keep stats on the success rate for draftees vs. undrafted free agents, and big-name schools vs. lower-tier schools?

    I ask because I'm always surprised by some of the colleges represented on NFL team rosters. It seems a lot of good NFL players come out of some out-of-the-way colleges. I suppose those are cases where talent develops later and they never got their shot at the big-name schools. But talent is talent, and given the chance they can (and do) shine in the NFL.

  4. Did you give up when you got to the bottom, Thunder?

    1st: Melvin Gordon - RB - Badgers*
    2nd: Rob Havenstein - OT - Wisconsin