Friday, May 29, 2015

SB Nation: Jim Harbaugh's almost a sure thing, but Michigan's 2015 could go two ways

Here's Bill Connelly's in-depth preview of Michigan's upcoming season (LINK).

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  1. When you boil it all down, he sees this as a "solid" team, but nothing better. Yes, our LBs and DBs are nothing to worry about, but they're also nothing to rave about. He seems to think that with a good amount of luck in close games we can go 10-2, which basically equates to 8-4 as the most likely expectation. And despite his raving about Harbaugh, the fact remains that he has only had one high quality season at a major college in his entire career. He still has a lot to prove as far as winning consistently at a high level in college. And given the lack of proven talent and the fact that most of Hoke's upperclassmen are probably beyond redemption, it will probably be 2017 before Harbaugh makes double digit wins here. He's got a lot of work to do.

    1. That's a bit pessimistic, I think. Who would've thought Hoke would go 11-2 in 2011?

      Michigan would've won a lot of games in 2013 and 2014 had the offense had a pulse, and a lot of things are falling into our favor: amazing coaching staff with a lot of experience, knowledge and success, OL with age and a lot of experience, experienced QB (Ruddock), highly-rated RBs who are now upperclassmen (I really think Ty Issac is a great player), and decent receivers. I think 10-2 is not out of reach. We'll go 8-4 at minimum, I think.

      We'll have to wait until Thunder gives his predictions, but allow me to make mine:
      1. Utah - win, Utah's no push-over, but it is in MWC and barely beat teams like San Diego State
      2. Oregon State - win, Gary Anderson's first year, and the team is way less talented than Michigan
      3. UNLV - win
      4. BYU - win, a toughie, but I think Michigan's talent will prevail
      5. Maryland - win, a revenge game, team's not very good, and plus I will be at this game cheering.
      6. Northwestern - win, it's at home, and I don't think Pat Fitz is the answer
      7. Michigan State - loss. Michigan State is solid, it rolls, the Wolverines come back to the earth after 6-0 start.
      8. Minnesota - win, a tough game, but I think we'll prevail.
      9. Rutgers - win, a revenge game, and Rutgers sucks
      10. Indiana, win, yawn, Indiana has no defense.
      11. Penn State - win, Franklin's overrated, and I will defy the white out by being there with my blue on
      12. Ohio State - loss, my brain says loss, but my heart says win. arghhh

      A respectable 10-2 season with a chance to go for the 11th win. Harbaugh assembles a more complete team for 2016.