Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 10


Brady Hoke (image via SDSU)


WR Tarik Black (Texas): Texas (5-2) had a bye.

WR Kekoa Crawford (Cal): Crawford had 1 catch for 10 yards in a 34-10 loss to UCLA.

DT Michael Dwumfour (Rutgers): Dwumfour made 1 tackle in a 23-20 loss to Illinois.

OT James Hudson III (Cincinnati): Hudson started at left tackle in a 55-17 win over East Carolina.

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WR Oliver Martin (Nebraska): Martin did not play in a 30-23 win over Penn State.

TE Mustapha Muhammad (Kilgore Junior College): Muhammad transferred from Michigan to Houston and is now at Kilgore Junior College, which has canceled its season due to COVID.

QB Brandon Peters (Illinois): Peters tested positive for COVID-19 and had to sit out the last three games, including this weekend's 23-20 win over Rutgers.

CB Myles Sims (Georgia Tech): Georgia Tech (2-5) had a bye.

LB Drew Singleton (Rutgers): Singleton made 1 tackle in a 23-20 loss to Illinois.

DT Aubrey Solomon (Tennessee): Tennessee (2-4) had a bye.

OG Stephen Spanellis (Vanderbilt): Spanellis opted out of the 2020 season.

CB Benjamin St-Juste (Minnesota): St-Juste did not play a 35-7 loss to Iowa.

RB Kareem Walker (Mississippi State): Walker entered the transfer portal and is leaving Mississippi State.

S J'Marick Woods (Duke): Duke (2-6) had a bye.


RB Tim Baldwin (Indiana): Baldwin had 3 carries for 18 yards in a 24-0 win over Michigan State.

WR Kalil Branham (Kentucky): Branham did not play in a 38-35 win over Vanderbilt.

CB Te'Cory Couch (Miami): Couch made 5 tackles, 0.5 tackles for loss, 0.5 sacks, 1 interception, and 1 quarterback hurry in a 25-24 win over Virginia Tech.

CB Shaun Crawford (Notre Dame): Crawford made 9 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, and 1 sack in a 45-31 win over Boston College.

OG Emil Ekiyor (Alabama): Alabama (6-0) had a bye.

RB Eric Gray (Tennessee): Tennessee (2-4) had a bye.

OT Devery Hamilton (Duke): Duke (2-6) had a bye.

OT Kai-Leon Herbert (Miami): Herbert is out for the season for Miami.

WR Jeremiah Holloman (FIU): Holloman had 4 catches for 29 yards in a 38-19 loss to Florida Atlantic.

C Jalil Irvin (Auburn): Auburn (4-2) had a bye.

LB Chase Lasater (FAU): Lasater 3 tackles and 1 quarterback hurry in a 38-19 win over FIU.

OT Micah Mazzccua (Baylor): Mazzccua did not play in a 24-23 loss to West Virginia.

TE Nick Patterson (Choate Rosemary Hall): Patterson, who decommitted from Michigan and signed with Princeton, decided to take a prep year and enroll at Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut. That would make him a teammate of class of 2021 Michigan commit Tristan Bounds, though with Connecticut football being canceled, I'm not sure if Patterson is truly there or not.

Amauri Pesek-Hickson (Kansas): Kansas (0-7) had a bye.

S Otis Reese (Ole Miss): Reese has transferred from Georgia to Ole Miss, but he has not received a waiver to be immediately eligible for the Rebels, who beat South Carolina by a score of 59-42.

S Antwaine Richardson (Maryland): Maryland (2-1) had a bye.

OT Erik Swenson (Oklahoma): Oklahoma (5-2) had a bye.

TE Leonard Taylor (Cincinnati): Taylor caught 1 pass for 16 yards in a 55-17 win over East Carolina.

LB Vic Viramontes (UNLV): Viramontes made 7 tackles and 1 pass breakup in a 34-17 loss to San Jose State.

DE Rashad Weaver (Pitt): Pitt (4-4) had a bye.


D.J. Durkin (Co-Defensive Coordinator, Ole Miss): Durkin's defense gave up 548 yards, and crazily enough, that's only the fourth most they've allowed this season. But they won the game, 59-42, over South Carolina, whose head coach Will Muschamp got fired the next day. Ole Miss is #120 in scoring defense (40.9 points allowed/game) and #123 in total defense (535.6 yards allowed/game).

Brady Hoke (Head Coach, San Diego State): Hoke and the Aztecs moved to 2-1 with a 34-10 win over Hawaii.

Les Miles (Head Coach, Kansas): Kansas (0-7) mercifully had a bye.

Chris Partridge (C-Defensive Coordinator, Ole Miss): Partridge's defense, coincidentally, suffered the same exact fate as Durkin's (see above).


  1. Guys I'd like to still have ranked in order:
    1. St Juste
    2. Solomon
    3. Hudson
    4. Woods

    Most of these guys left after some health-related disputes and there is some speculation that played into McCaffrey's departure too.

  2. Looking at the plight of Durkin/Partridge down at Ole Miss, and it got me thinking about defense in today's college game. This year (2020, which is an odd year), the national leaders for 'total defense' are Wisconsin, San Diego State (Hoke's team), Washington, Marshall, and West Virginia. Alabama is way down at 48; Clemson is 13. Michigan is 79.

    My memory recalls a time when the great teams had a great defense. A few years back, Clemson beat Ohio State 31-0 in a playoff game, and as I was watching that game I was struck by how well Clemson's defensive line messed with Meyer's offensive plan. SEC title games used be slug-fests where the best defense prevailed. But I don't sense that's our world any more.

    What happened? Some say rule changes favor the offense too much. Some say the better offenses are just too much for defenses to handle. Is the college game becoming more of an offensive shootout type of thing, or are we simply in a phase where defensive coordinators have not yet caught up with the changes on the other side of the ball?

    1. Even if scoring is up defense still matters. Looking at OSU in 2019 points against Wisc, PSU, and Clemson (23, 28, 34, 38) compared to points scored against everyone else (34, 42, 45, 48, 51, 52, 56, 56, 73, 76). I wouldn't call the OSU Clemson game a shootout when neither team broke 30.

      In OSU 2019 terms the difference between giving up 50 and giving up 30. 50 is the new 20. 20 is the new shutout.

      No question scores up - offenses playing faster, smarter decisions on 4th downs, RPOs harder to defend, overtime, etc. But it still matters if you can avoid getting lit up.

      I don't think it's DC's falling behind, I think it's a permanent evolution to higher scoring unless the rules change. Offenses have untied the hand behind their back. They are spreading guys out, letting their QBs run, and reading players they don't bother to block in both the run and the pass.

      I think that is part of why Don Brown recognized he can't just continue his aggressive maximimizing approach. That's what fans usually want but Brown recognized it wasn't going to work against the top tier. But knowing you have to do something and being able to do it are different things. It's not in Brown's nature to coach bend but dont break but it may be more of what the modern game requires. Can he adapt?


    2. Give Onwenu some love in your NFL post Thunder!