Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 International Bowl

International Bowl participants Devin Funchess, Terry Richardson, James Ross, and Royce Jenkins-Stone
International Bowl
February 1, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Austin, TX

USA Team targets:
Ronald Darby - RB - Maryland (Florida State)
J.J. Denman - OT - Pennsylvania (Rutgers)
Devin Funchess - TE - Michigan (Michigan)
Greg Garmon - RB - Pennsylvania (Iowa)
Mark Harrell - OT - North Carolina (Notre Dame)
Royce Jenkins-Stone - LB - Michigan (Michigan)
Trey Keenan - OT - Texas (Texas Tech)
Marcus Maye - S - Florida (Florida)
Ifeadi Odenigbo - DE - Ohio (Northwestern)
Moana Ofahengaue - LB - Utah
Jordan Payton - WR - California (UCLA)
Se'von Pittman - DE - Ohio (Ohio State)
Terry Richardson - CB - Michigan (Michigan)
James Ross - LB - Michigan (Michigan)
Tee Shepard - CB - California (Notre Dame)
D.J. Singleton - S - New Jersey (Wisconsin)
Caleb Stacey - OG - Ohio (Cincinnati)

World Team target:
Faith Ekakitie - DT - Illinois (Iowa)


  1. they all have the crazy eyes!

  2. Slight adjustments based on a quick glance.

    Stacey = Cincinnati
    Payton = UCLA
    Darby = FSU

    1. Yep yep. I wrote this post a while ago, so some of the info was out of date.

    2. Was by no means a critique. Just some new info that I'm sure TTB is on top of. =D

      P.S. Moar Hot Girls!

      P.P.S. Is the International Bowl being televised? CBS Sports? ESPNU?

    3. No offense taken. Thanks for letting me know. My posts are one-man shows and I do this as a side gig, so I'm bound to make a mistake or oversight once in a while.

      It will be televised on the CBS Sports Network.