Rating System

The following system is used for rating Michigan prospects.  Ratings are determined by the author of this blog and are subject to change throughout a player's recruitment.

100 = Best prospect in the country at his position; high likelihood of 1st round NFL potential (Ex: Charles Woodson)

90-99 = Outstanding starter in Big Ten; likely All-Big Ten and All-American; high likelihood of NFL draft potential (Ex: Brandon Graham, Taylor Lewan)

80-89 = Very good starter in Big Ten; good chance of All-Big Ten; some NFL draft potential (Ex: Mike Martin, Jonas Mouton, Denard Robinson)

70-79 = Solid starter in Big Ten; some NFL draft potential (Ex: Brandon Minor, Craig Roh)

60-69 = Average starter in Big Ten; little NFL draft potential (Ex: Ricky Barnum, Mark Ortmann)

50-59 = Below average starter or good backup (Ex: Greg Banks, John Ferrara)

40-49 = Average backup or solid special teams contributor (Ex: Darnell Hood)

1-39 = Below average backup or special teams contributor (Ex: Brandon Logan)

NOTE: Examples are based on a player's completed college career, and NOT his potential as a recruit.


  1. A quick question for you sir. In your ratings of the 2012 recruits for UM you seem less than fond of what Ben Braden brought to the table. I think you had him pegged in the mid 60s range and felt he was average athletically. What happened that he is now the leader in the clubhouse at left guard (ahead of even Kalis) and is probably, at this juncture, the most promising of all the vaunted recruits on the offensive line from that outstanding class? I saw his highlights and was amazed at his ability to get to the second level at that size. Definitely a potential four-year starter for my beloved Wolverines and I couldn't be happier for him. Is his progression an indictment of the star system or just an outlier? I think people tend to place too much emphasis on the number of stars a recruit gets rather than looking at the more important aspects. Braden only attended the UM camp and cared little for ratings, he was also coached by Ralph Munger at Rockford who has certainly produced his fair share of collegiate linemen and worked the UM camp for many years mostly focusing on the offensive line.

    1. Here's what I saw during his recruitment:


      As you can tell from the 2012 Offer Board, I bumped Braden up into the 70's after his senior year. He had some deficiencies, though, which I outlined in his commitment post. If he has overcome those issues, then good for him. We'll see how things go.

  2. i think ur ratings are kinda brutal...in no way is JBB a 68.that is laughable at best.ur ratings for last year were brutal too dude...gotta give guys more credit. i feel like they are either amazing or they suck in ur ratings, no in between, u should work on that

    1. You're certainly entitled to your opinion.

    2. I think you get wrapped up in the hype machine. Most of the rankings are in the ball park and with JBB he has tons of potential, but most likely will be a depth player .

  3. I had an interesting thought on adding a little something to your rating system. If you could one day when you get time..maybe look up some players to add next to the Examples(like at least 2 on each), so people can compare one player to a few other names. I think it would be helpful, To me anyways haha