Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mike Martin Draws NFL Attention at Senior Bowl

Defensive tackle Mike Martin
Mike Martin was quick to grab attention from NFL scouts during practices for the 2012 Senior Bowl, and he continued to impress during the actual game, finishing with three tackles against elite talent in a heavy rotation. Overall, Martin was praised for being a "disruptive force" and "quick out of the blocks" in addition to having a high motor and "violent hands." Martin had this to say about NFL interest in an interview with the Detroit News:
"I've met with a lot of teams down there. They all said, 'you look great. You've been doing a really good job, keep on doing what you're doing.' I've heard that from everyone. But I'm the type of guy I take everything with a grain of salt . . . I don't think they were expecting that from me. At least that's how I put it in my head. That fuels me. I've heard that 'because of your size you've been slotted as a tweener, as a mid-round guy.' I don't want to be a mid-round guy; I want to be a top-round guy."
Martin is "shooting up the draft boards," according to some sources and has spoken with the Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Rams among others. Mel Kiper currently projects Martin to be a second or third round selection.

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