Monday, October 20, 2014

SB Nation: We finally got to watch Bob Stitt's offense. It was spectacular.

Bill Connelly pens a piece on Bob Stitt, the head coach at the Colorado School of Mines who is viewed as such an offensive innovator (LINK).

Hit the jump for pictures of Michelle Lewin and Anna Faith Carlson, plus a Miranda Kerr gif.

Michelle Lewin

Anna Faith Carlson


  1. Option football baby.

    Speaking of reading lists, I just ordered "The Delaware Wing-T: The Option Game". One of these days I'm gonna breakdown and pay the damn $250 for The Delaware Wing-T: An Order of Football". Just not today.

    That last girl is a keeper.

  2. Miranda Kerr is sooooo sooooo sooooo fricken hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not Miranda Kerr. It's Daniela Lopez Osorio