Saturday, April 9, 2011

Memories . . . 2008 vs. Minnesota

Check out Nick Sheridan's best game as a Michigan Wolverine.


  1. Ah ... Pam Ward! Pure delight!

    Seriously, watching that clip was like looking at the bizarro world where all things Rodriguez actually worked. :)

    As far as cameos in Michigan Football history are concerned, I think Feagin's run has to be in the Top Ten.

  2. Nice seeing Odoms running after Shaw to block down field on that run at 4:40 or so, kid gives 110% every play.

  3. My thoughts:

    1) I miss K.C. Lopata

    2) Where was the fullback dive in the Illinois game

    3) Zoltan Rules

  4. Anonymous @2:13pm

    1) I miss Jason Olesnavage more. I went to high school and played soccer with him and I'm also a close friend of his sister's, so maybe there's a tad of bias in there. It also seems a bit like the Michigan fan base took Rivas for granted.

    2) The fullback dive would not have made a difference in the 2008 Illinois game. It might have made a world of difference in the 2009 game.

    3) +1

  5. The worst part about watching that for me was the fact that the entire season was pretty much totally wasted. The next year, we started all over again at QB and then we did it again the year after that. McGuffie and Feagin are gone. Sheridan went GA early. He is basically a trivia question now in a completely worthless season.