Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Game Highlights


  1. That game made my eyes bleed.

  2. I think he'll be a fine player but I still see nothing that says "Devin Gardner looks like a natural pro-style pocket passing QB."


  3. @ Anonymous 2:16 p.m.

    That's what spring games do.

  4. @ Lankownia 3:21 p.m.

    I don't think Gardner's a natural pro-style passer. He's played in a spread for virtually his entire career. But I do think he fits better as a pro-style QB in the long run.

  5. I am appreciating JR more and more. He adjusts to the ball well when its in the air, which is good for our sometimes erratic QBs on long throws, and I like his "catch, stop, step back and go" move. He did this move @ the 5:20 part of the video and last year at the ND game (I think) along the sidelines for a TD. Plus, he's built solid and uses that big body to carve out space well against DBs.

  6. @TriFloyd

    Hemingway's really good at football mentally and he has the first step after the catch down to a science. He's also huge and blocks well. The move you're thinking of was during the Illinois game. Brian Cook referred to it as a "moog dance," which is accurate.

    The only problems are that he's not quite tall or fast enough to be a world destroyer. This isn't a big problem for the team, however, as we have plenty of talent at receiver.

    Honestly, Stonum has the physical tools to be a much more productive player, and although he was certainly a impact last year, it would be nice to see him break out into Tai Streets this year.