Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Quarterback Competition: Spring 2010 Highlights


  1. So Magnus - obviously this doesn't say much one way or another about Denard's decision-making or reads, given that he was playing against an undermanned version of what even at full strength was a terrible pass defense. But does it make you any more confident in the strength/accuracy of his arm? He certainly was a lot more on the money here than the Beat-Up Denard we saw against OSU and Miss. State. Although he didn't throw any slants or outs.

    Frustrating BTW to watch Demens stick guys and realize he didn't start playing until AFTER the MSU game when we got torched by runs between the tackles.

  2. @ BML 8:52 p.m.

    Denard's spring game performance in 2010 is not indicative of his passing prowess at all, in my opinion. I forget his overall statistics, but I think he was 11/14 or something for a ton of yards. The numbers might have even been better than that.

    I don't really have questions about the strength of Denard's arm. But it doesn't matter if you can throw a ball 60 yards if it sails out of bounds, over the receiver's head, etc. His arm strength is more than adequate. His accuracy is the issue. I'm still a little bit scared because, in these highlights, he's hitting a lot of open receivers who a) are running bubble screens or b) are sitting down in open holes in zone coverage. That probably won't be the case in a more pro-style offense, where he'll have to hit receivers on the run more frequently.

    So yeah...last year's spring highlights are pretty irrelevant, but at least they give us another look at where Michigan's offense is coming from.