Saturday, May 21, 2011

2012 Offer Board Update

Land O'Lakes, FL tight end Kent Taylor (#1)

The 2012 Offer Board has been updated:

North Carolina TE Mark Harrell committed to Notre Dame.

Added Texas CB Will Hines.

Michigan CB Terry Richardson committed to Michigan.

Pennsylvania OT J.J. Denman committed to Penn State.

Added Utah FB Sione Houma.

Added Florida TE Kent Taylor.

Georgia LB Raphael Kirby committed to Miami.

Added Illinois DT Faith Ekakitie.

Added Tennessee WR Drae Bowles.

Georgia LB Dillon Lee committed to Alabama.

Added Ohio S Allen Gant.

Texas FB Dominic Ramacher committed to Oklahoma State.

Added Massachusetts OT Eric Olson.

Added Virginia DE Eli Harold.

Added Ohio CB De'van Bogard.

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  1. I find it interesting that the staff has offered two new TE prospects. Firstly, because we have two TE commits already and would not need anymore TE's and, secondly, because I thought we were supposed to be in good shape for Ron Thompson if we did take another TE.

    It would seem that one (or both) of my suppositions must be incorrect.

  2. @ Anonymous 12:06 p.m.

    The coaches have reportedly cooled on Thompson, perhaps because he's been wishy-washy with his announcement and because he got out of shape this spring. There also might be some other off-the-field stuff.

    Also, it's possible that A.J. Williams will grow into a tackle, so I think they're trying to keep their options open.

  3. Rumors abound that Michigan has backed off Thompson, and I believe TomVH mentioned it as well, along with some little nugget about "shady" something or other.

  4. I thought it was strange Thompson taking so long, and him switching high-schools. It seemed like something had happened when 2 TE's committed and nothing came from him. I'm still surprised to see so many new offers for DB's. I almost wish the class would've committed slower so no-one gets overlooked or under appreciated in the recruiting process.

  5. That kid Kent Taylor has some pretty mean wheels for a guy his size.

    Magnus, who on the offer list do you think is realistic at this point?