Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Matt Godin Answers Your Questions

Novi (MI) Catholic Central DE Matt Godin
Before interviewing incoming freshman Matt Godin, we invited readers ask him questions. Here are his responses.

On conditioning, weight, and preparation:
"They [the coaches] just told me to go hard in the weight room like I always have. They know because Mike Martin came from my school, so they know about the strength program at our school and how good it is. I work out every day during the week, and [my schedule] switches between my upper and lower body [each day]...Right now I'm 6'6" and 273 lbs. (EDIT: he's not 6'8", as was previously reported; that was a typo), and I'll probably get to 285 by the season; I don't know. But I'm going to be able to move; that's the main thing. And, plus, I don't look it - I mean, the coaches thought I was 260 lbs. My goal is to add good weight, maybe a little bit of fat in my stomach, but good weight all around."

On recruitment, recent Hoke in-home: "We're already close and Coach Jackson came up earlier, too, like two weeks ago. Coach Hoke just keeps telling me how I just need to be ready and stuff. Other than that, we just had fun, ate dinner and talked about things. We kind of put football to the side, which was nice. My parents were there and it was just nice."

On anticipated role along the d-line: "I'm going to be a guy who's going to mix it up inside and outside. I mean, that's what the 5-technique is: you play outside and inside. My run stopping and pass rushing are both pretty much equal, so I'll be able to mix it up and do both."

On Michigan's recruitment of teammate Wyatt Shallman:
"I'll be honest - I have no clue. I mean, I don't really talk to him that much, though. We'll see, it's early....He could be a sophomore right now, too; he's young. I mean, he is a junior, but he's really young. It's kind of unbelievable how big he is naturally for how young he is."

On the 2012 recruiting class: "I'm excited to play with all of them. On the official visit we all had fun together. I'm excited to play by Mario and Strobel for sure...we're all already pretty close for not really hanging out that much. Kalis and Strobel and Allen Gant and then the rest of the in-state guys are [who] I'm probably the closest with."

On Tennessee, Derek Dooley and the Arnett situation: "...Any coach who does that to his players or treats them like that - that's just obnoxious. I don't know who he [Dooley] thinks he is with that losing record...I haven't really talked about it with anyone else. I mean, everyone thinks it's terrible how DeAnthony has a serious issue going on, and he should have let him go. That's pretty much what everyone thinks."


  1. 6'8"! Is that a typo? Even if it's an inflated statistic (like the basketball "height in shoes") that's a seriously tall dude. Maybe he could play some tight end, too? Power forward?

    Anyway, very much looking forward to having him and the rest of the recruits on the team ...

  2. At 6'8 could he be better suited for offensive line?

  3. You never heard of Too Tall Jones? Or am I just showing my age?

    -- BluCheese

  4. That kid seems like a hard worker. I am glad to have him in this class.

  5. Matt seems to look a little taller but 6' 8" ? He's not taller than the CC QB (Kyle Cooper) who is 6' 7". He's going to really have to work to stay low which he struggled with. His tendancy (which is for most tall guys) is to get high pretty quickly. I think he'll need a season of understudy and he could be a real force.

  6. I'm pretty sure the big Massey brother was 6'8" and he struggled inside, although he also struggled some at DE in a 3-5. I believe that Wormley and Strobel are listed at 6'5" and 6'6" respectively, so all of those guys are going to have to be thinking about their pads.

    Good thing we have a raft of defensive line coaches.

    It is nice to have a raft of big people coming in on defense, we've had some defenses lining up out there in the recent past that looked like they belonged in the MAC.

  7. @ Roanman 7:23 a.m.

    Massey was 6'8" and grew to 290 lbs. He did struggle inside, but he was a captain of the team, too, and had 10 career sacks.

  8. TTB Andrew here. That WAS a mistake. He is 6'6", sorry to freak everyone out.

  9. Man, one bad stroke on the keypad...oh well, now it's fixed. Hope you enjoy the interview.