Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scouting Report: OL Kyle Bosch

Wheaton (IL) St. Francis offensive lineman Kyle Bosch
Name: Kyle Bosch
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 286 lbs.
Class: 2013
Position: Offensive tackle
School: Wheaton (IL) St. Francis

Notes: Holds offers from Alabama, Arizona, Boston College, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, Stanford, Tennessee, West Virginia

Strengths: Very good initial punch . . . Violent blocker . . . Finishes blocks well . . . Lies on top of his pancaked opponents, which I love . . . Always keeps head on swivel, looking for another block downfield . . . Keeps a nice, wide base at all times . . . Uses hands well to engage defenders . . . Thick body with good frame to add weight

Weaknesses: Wants to play tackle, but may be a little short . . . Lacks the lateral foot speed to play tackle . . . Gets a little too high sometimes with his first step . . . Needs to improve upper body strength

Projection: Offensive guard

Reminds me of: Jeff Backus


  1. Lying on top of blocked opponents is asinine . Dillard does a lot of that too on his films. It achieves nothing after an assumed good/great block. Play is 30 yards downfield and you got one of your kids walrus humping somebody half their size out in the open. should be called taunting.

  2. @ Anonymous 5:30 a.m.

    a) If you knock a guy down and fall on top of him, the chances of being able to stand up and go make another block are slim.

    b) If you lay on a guy or continue driving him into the ground, he's going to feel frustrated and demoralized. It's not going to help you on that play, but it's going to help as the game goes on.

  3. If you had a board for 2013 OL where will Kyle Bosch rank among the guys already offered?

    1. Without having seen a couple of the offerees on film, I'd rank Laremy Tunsil #1 and Kyle Bosch #2. The wild card is Chris Fox, a guy I've only seen on camp film (no pads).

  4. Awesome! Fantastic get for the program. Not only is this an elite prospect at a position of critical need (he could easily play right away in '13), but it could/should help with the other Illinois kids.

    Hoke and co. appear to be doing a great job in 2013 recruiting, building off a very strong '12. This was the hope from all the early commitments in '12 - that the staff could focus on '13 as a result. Looks good so far...