Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ask a Question: Drake Johnson

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Drake Johnson amassed 2,805 rushing yards and 37 touchdowns during his senior season at Ann Arbor Pioneer, and in a few months, he will graduate and walk across the intersection of Main Street and Stadium Boulevard to play in the Big House. I'll be talking with Drake after his track practice this Friday, so leave a question for him in the comments section if you'd like, and I'll try to address it in the interview.


  1. With the understanding that you're a running back first, would you be open to the possibility of playing defense at some point?

  2. How did the coaches say they wanted to use you?

    With the coaches recruiting a back like Wyatt Shallman, how do the coaches plan to use a guy like him and a guy like you in the same offense?

    Did you feel any additional pressure to commit to Michigan, with them being so close to where you went to HS?

    How many Michigan games did you attend growing up?

  3. You've been so dominant especially your senior year, how do you honestly compare the competion that your school faced, verses the top rated schools of the state?

    Compare your high school practices to that of what you've seen at Michigan's opening practices?

    What did the coaches tell you that they'd like to see you work on and be ready for coming in?

    Who do you see as your biggest competition at the running back spot?

    1. Pioneer played some good competition. They played Cass tech, DCC and shane Morris's team

  4. Magnus

    This is a question for you as well.

    This kid has incredible speed and amazing numbers. He didn't attend camps and is under the radar. Doesn't he have a high ceiling? Why isn't he talked about more? Isn't he a perfect fit for our offence and our giant lineman. Open a whole and send that big fast body through!

    I expect great things from this kid. Tell him about me and all his fans. And ask him what he thinks about the competition with all the backs coming in. Ask him how he'll respond and what he needs to do to compete and get better.

    Thanks for the great site!

  5. @Anonymous 1:55

    Easy there, Mrs. Johnson.