Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video: Michigan 28, Notre Dame 14 from 1978

Rick Leach vs. Joe Montana:


  1. WOW! What a classic! Bo, Dan Devine, Joe Montana, Rick Leach, Harlan Huckelby. Of course the best is Ufer. Everybody should watch this just to hear Ufer announce.

  2. I watched this game exactly like presented here.

    The TV turned down, Ufer turned up as alway.

    I am resonably certain that I was drinking Busch beer as it was the beer of choice in those days. I was repeatedly refusing to smoke a tobacco like substance which I knew to be illegal and therefor felt to be very wrong. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    We beat Notre Dame up physically that day. Greg Bartnick, I think Mike Leoni and/or Billy Dufek along with Nauta controlled the great Bob Gollic and our defenseive front seven was dominant, especially Mike Trgavac at middle guard, Curt Greer at Defensive End, Meter and Tommy Seabron at outside LB. Ron Simpkins was our stud All American inside LB and Andy Cannavino played the other inside backer. all of our Dbs would hit you in the mouth. I particularly liked Mike Jolly.

    Our only two losses that year were to Sparty and then USC in the Rose Bowl on the Charles White non touchdown that will live in infamy.

    To the day I die I will remember Andy Canavino on his knees at the one yard line holding the football while the $%&#$% referee signals touchdown. It still makes me sick to think about it 34 years later.

    I loved that team.

  3. I remember this game well. Having gone to UM (undergrad) and Notre Dame (Law/MBA), I was "pumped" for a big Michigan Wolverines victory.
    My late father was able to score me two tickets, and I took my friend, Gretchen.
    We danced on the field after a great UM victory!

  4. I'm glad this was posted to hear Ufer's call of the game. I couldn't hear from my seats in the Michigan section of Notre Dame stadium.

  5. My friend Jerry Meter caused and recovered the fumble when the refs gave the phantom touchdown to Charles White.