Thursday, March 8, 2012

Scouting Report: Patrick Kugler

Patrick Kugler
I did a commitment post (Patrick Kugler, Wolverine) for Patrick Kugler (Wolverine) when he committed, but due to a lack of film on him, I only had background information.  Well, now he's got a twelve minute highlight film on the ol' Youtubes, so this week's scouting report is on Kugler.

Name: Patrick Kugler
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 280 lbs.
Class: 2013
Position: Offensive tackle
School: Wexford (PA) North Allegheny

Strengths: Good drive blocker . . . Nasty player who finishes blocks . . . Good size with low center of gravity despite being 6'5" . . . Athletic enough to pull when necessary . . . Drives feet extremely well, especially working his way out of stalemate . . . Determined blocker . . . Coach's son who should be able to adjust well to college

Weaknesses: Not a great athlete . . . A little too stiff and slow-footed to play tackle at next level . . . Needs to be more consistent with his stance . . . Weight distribution in stance shows differences between drive blocks, pass sets, and pull/reach blocks . . . Plays a wee bit high at times

Center or guard.  I don't think Kugler is athletic enough to play either tackle position, but he does show good enough athleticism to be a pulling guard.  He'll reportedly come in as a center, but there's room for versatility there.  He seems to be a tough, hard-nosed lineman who should be able to adjust well to college and challenge Jack Miller by 2014.

Reminds me of:
N/A.  He doesn't really remind me of any Michigan recruit since I started following recruiting, but he looks like some of those bigger, stronger Wolverines from the late '90s or early '00s.

TTB Rating: 83

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  1. Thunder

    It would be helpful if you are able, if you could explain how Kugler is setting up to drive block, pass block or pull.

    Maybe offer a couple times when it is more noticeable.

    I'm looking and I don't think I'm seeing it.

    Time on my hands