Tuesday, May 15, 2012

247 Sports: Top 100 for 2014 released

New Michigan offeree Bo Scarbrough is the #7 player in the country for 2014, according to 247 Sports
A couple weeks ago, 247 Sports released their top 25 players for the class of 2014.  Now they've expanded that list to 100.  Here are some notable recruits from the list for Michigan fans:

7. Bo Scarbrough - WR - Alabama: Offered by Michigan this past week.  It will be tough to pull him out of the south, particularly away from Alabama.

10. Edward Paris - S - Texas: Offered by Michigan this past week.  Michigan just offered his 2013 cornerback/safety teammate Maurice Smith, so perhaps that will grease the wheels a bit.

11. Braden Smith - OT - Kansas: Offered by Michigan this past week.

19. Dante Booker - LB - Ohio: Offered by Michigan yesterday.

35. Budda Baker - ATH - Washington: No offer or strong connection here, but Baker plays for the same high school as former Michigan lineman (and current San Diego Charger) Stephen Schilling.

41. Clifton Garrett - LB - Illinois: No offer yet, but Garrett's highlight film is making the rounds and wowing some observers.  Considering how heavily Michigan has littered Illinois with offers during the 2013 cycle, I would not be surprised at all if Garrett gets offered in the near future.

66. K.C. Crosby - LB - South Carolina: Offered by Michigan several weeks ago.

67. Andy Bauer - OT - Missouri: Offered by Michigan several months ago, but committed to Missouri.

69. Casey Tucker - OT - Arizona: Offered by Michigan this past week.

73. Davonte James - LB - Ohio: No offer yet, but a high profile prospect from the state of Ohio is sure to get a look by the coaching staff.

78. Mark Andrews - WR - Arizona: Offered by Michigan yesterday.

83. Drake Harris - WR - Michigan: Offered by Michigan already.  He has been offered by the basketball program, too, and is a high profile prospect on the hardcourt.  Some think he's more likely to head to Michigan State.

85. Derek Kief - WR - Ohio: No offer yet, but receiver might yet again be a big need in 2014, depending on how the 2013 class shakes out.

91. DeShone Kizer - ATH - Ohio: No offer yet.  He plays quarterback but could also project to wide receiver or defensive back.

94. Michael Ferns - LB - Ohio: No offer yet, but likely to get a look despite living in the Worst State Ever.

96. Dareian Watkins - ATH - Ohio: No offer yet.  Much like Kizer, he could project to quarterback, wide receiver, or defensive back.


  1. "Michigan doesn’t offer underclassmen until June 15th following their sophomore seasons – one month from today"

    UM basketball has not offered anyone in '14 yet, but I'm sure Harris will be on the list of 6/15 offers.

    ...too bad there aren't more local kids on their top 100 list

  2. Don't forget #23 Malik McDowell, who's a beast and a Michigan lean.

    1. Yeah, I already covered him in the last update (which I linked).