Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scouting Report: Jordan Wilkins

Jordan Wilkins
Name: Jordan Wilkins
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Position: Running back
Class: 2013
School: Cordova (TN) St. Benedict

Notes: Holds offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Cincinnati, Memphis, Michigan, Middle Tennessee State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Purdue, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, and Wisconsin . . . ESPN 4-star RB, 83 grade, #17 RB . . . Rivals 4-star RB, #18 RB, #209 overall . . . Scout 3-star RB, #34 RB . . . 247 Sports 4-star RB, 93 grade, #4 APB, #147 overall . . . As a junior in 2011, rushed for 1,800 yards and 24 touchdowns

 Wilkins has good size and a solid frame . . . Should be able to handle the pounding of a big conference . . . Smooth pass catcher out of backfield . . . Shows nimble feet and pretty good lateral movement . . . Good acceleration through the hole . . . Gets to top speed quickly . . . Gets low in traffic . . . Does not go down easily on contact

Weaknesses: Not a true burner . . . Does not have a second gear to pull away from high level defensive backs . . . Carries ball a little loosely at times . . . Does not consistently keep ball in his outside hand, so there is a bit of a concern about ball security

Projection: Running back.  Wilkins looks a little like a poor man's Ty Isaac, which is interesting because Isaac was the #1 target on Michigan's board.  Wilkins's feet aren't quite as quick and he doesn't have the same top-end speed, but they're similar runners with good size and can catch the ball out of the backfield.  Wilkins could develop into a solid starter at a Big Ten-level school, but he doesn't appear to have an extremely high ceiling.

Reminds me of: Jason Ford (Illinois)


  1. I don't want this kid taking up a scholarship. When we have limited space with scholarships, I don't think it's wise to be taking 3 running backs in one class. It's one thing to hold out for "elite" talent, but this kid is definitely not elite. He's got some decent elusiveness, and some pretty good vision which helps make up for his lack of speed, but he is not the athlete I want at running back. I like Deveon Smith better.

  2. Shallman is probably not going to be an RB at the end of the day, so we really only have 1 RB committed.

  3. Love this kid's game. I think he'd be a great "lightening" to Smith/Shallman's "thunder". You look at most successful NFL teams these days and most have a tandem RB approach, so I'm all for pursuing Wilkins. Think he is kind of a longshot though to TN or Auburn, unfortunately.

  4. Here we go again re Shallman... Make sure you convey that in your weekly meetings with Borges and Jackson that this is your decision moving forward. Give the kid a chance and when you really think about it he fits a perfect role. He wasn't offered (IMO) to be DeveonTyDerrickJordan. He is a jumbo back that they can use in many places. Tell me if you think any of the above can pass/run block. More to being a back than just running (think about it). With that being said, I think Wilkins shows promise. I really don't think Isaac will be what all imagine him to be based off of highlight film. He'll be good, not great. Smith, Shallman, and maybe one other give the overall RB corps good and VARIED depth.