Friday, May 11, 2012

Scouting Report: Eddie Vanderdoes

Placer (CA) Placer defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes
Name: Eddie Vanderdoes
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 285 lbs.
Position: Defensive tackle
School: Placer (CA) Placer

Notes: Holds offers from Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Boise State, California, Colorado, Fresno State, Georgia, Houston, Illinois, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Oregon State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, San Jose State, Texas A&M, UCLA, USC, Utah, Vanderbilt, Washington, and Washington State . . . Claims a 4.88 forty yard dash . . . Bench presses 305 lbs. . . . Squats 500 lbs. . . . As a junior in 2011, had 65 tackles, 10 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, and 1 safety

Strengths: Very athletic for such a big kid . . . Quick enough and explosive enough to leap over occasional cut blocks . . . Has a well developed swim move . . . Has the ability to get under opposing linemen's pads and bull rush . . . Devastating hitter when he squares up quarterbacks . . . Shows good straight line speed and very good lateral quickness . . . Has length to get separation from opposing linemen . . . Strong in both upper and lower body

Weaknesses: A bit of a freelancer . . . Too many spins and swims will get him washed out of plays against good linemen . . . Needs to strike his opponent with his hands first . . . Needs to improve hand placement and shedding blocks . . . Needs to work on stance, as he telegraphs loops and stunts . . . Plays a little high at times, which goes back to his stance . . . Needs to get up on the line of scrimmage rather than sitting back two or three feet . . . Could improve on feeling blocks and diagnosing plays . . . Hands, hands, hands

Projection: Nose tackle or 3-tech defensive tackle.  Vanderdoes is a bull when he wants to be.  He could play either defensive tackle position, and with his speed, he could probably even play strongside end in certain packages.  Vanderdoes does a little too much freelancing and isn't technical enough right now.  He has loads of athletic talent, but he's the type of kid who might take a couple years to adjust to college competition.  Sometimes big kids get used to blowing everyone up without using their hands, and then it's not natural for them to do so when they face players who can stonewall them if they're not careful.  He seems like a boom-or-bust type of player.  He will either take to college coaching and become a monster, or he will fail to develop the technical aspects of his game and get lost in the shuffle.

Reminds me of: Alan Branch


  1. So Magnus, how would you compare him to other D-Line players we are recruiting currently? Like Poggi, Wyatt Teller, Tashawn Bower, Scott Pagano, and Joe Mathis?

    1. Bower is a weakside end, so he's not really a factor in comparison to Vanderdoes. Poggi and Teller are pretty similar players to each other, and I think they're more technically sound but not as explosive of athletes as Vanderdoes. Pagano is strictly a nose tackle, and I think he'll probably end up somewhere playing NT in a 3-4. Mathis was told that he could play rush end, but I see him more as a strongside defensive end; he and Vanderdoes are the "big play" guys of the bunch, I think.

  2. I would love another Alan Branch type player. Over the years, next to Woodson, he was one of the early exits I was most upset about. Probably he Woodson and Shazor because I thought with an extra year Shazor could have been special (obviously Branch and Woodson would have been special in their fourth year as well).

  3. Love the helmet and half the colors, but the kid I like best at any position is Montravious Adams, pipe dream that it is.

  4. He seems to have a weird fetish for green and yellow. His high school, Oregon, and the Green Bay Packers. Seems as if our only chance to land him is to change our colors.

  5. Would love to get him, but I Never thought we had much of a chance with the kid.

    Branch is one of my all-time favorites.