Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 Season Countdown: #69 Joe Kerridge

Joe Kerridge
Name: Joe Kerridge
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 231 lbs.
High school: Traverse City (MI) St. Francis
Position: Fullback
Class: Redshirt freshman
Jersey number: #36
Last year: I did not rank Kerridge.  He redshirted.

Kerridge came to Michigan as a walk-on after his senior season was derailed by an ACL tear.  If not for the injury, he probably would have received a couple low-level scholarship offers.  As a sophomore and junior, he had 2,200 yards rushing and scored 35 touchdowns as the team's featured running back.  But after sitting out his senior season, he took last year to work his way back into football playing shape.

Now presumably recovered from his ACL injury, Kerridge has a chance to nab the backup fullback job behind Stephen Hopkins.  He will also be battling freshman Sione Houma, but Kerridge has Houma beat in size.  The redshirt freshman seemed to play pretty well in the spring and did what a fullback should do, block and catch an occasional pass.  He's not the runner that Hopkins is, but Kerridge is more of a traditional I-formation fullback.  Occasional snaps should be available to spell Hopkins or mop up late in games.

Prediction: Backup fullback; 1 carry for 3 yards


  1. I can't think of an incoming walk-on that got as much hype, at least since Griese (who didn't really count.)

    Kerridge may indeed be a backup FB, but that role is unlikely to mean much. If Hopkins goes down Michigan will just use H-backs or another RB in the backfield - or more WR formations.

    His high school stats were put up for a small school in an extremely weak league, so I wouldn't read too much into that.

    I'd be surprised if Kerridge played a meaningful amount before his junior or senior year, if ever. He's still rather small to be an impact blocker. He could play some special teams, replacing McColgan, but I kind of doubt it this year unless he puts a lot of gym work in.

  2. St. Francis isn't in a league. No conference wants them in one they dominate ever game I have watched and I watch them on a regular basis. He would have a great senior season if he wouldn't have been injured.

  3. Lankownia,
    Can you explain the Griese reference to someone that is new to following recruiting? Based on his career, I never would have guessed that he started out as a walk on.

    1. He was far from a 'student body / open tryout' type like Kovacs, but he wasn't a blue-chip recruit either. Greise had some scholarship offers but chose to take a preferred walk-on spot at Michigan. IIRC, he was pretty much guaranteed to get a scholarship at some point but just had to wait for whatever reason. Given who his dad was, he could afford it.

  4. He may need to wait for Denard to leave and for Borges to ease back on the shotgun formation before before he has a shot at playing a legit role. Should spend the next season working on his receiving skills.

  5. @Anonymous Griese was basically a scholarship player who decided to walk-on for his frosh yr to save a scholarship for someone else or something along those lines not sure exactly but he came to UM as a walk-on as far as I'm aware

  6. 1 carry for 3 yards? Is that a prediction? LOL, Magnus.

    Good job overall.

  7. Joey Kerridge is so pwoerful he didn't need blockers in high school, but then Max Bullough blocked for him anyway.