Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rivals: Michigan's pre-season top 30 recruits for 2013

Csont'e York went from unknown to the #8 prospect in the state
On Tuesday, Rivals released its top 30 recruits from the state of Michigan.  There are six Wolverines on the list altogether.

1. Shane Morris - QB - Warren (MI) De La Salle
3. Jourdan Lewis - CB - Detroit (MI) Cass Tech
4. David Dawson - OG - Detroit (MI) Cass Tech
5. Wyatt Shallman - RB - Novi (MI) Catholic Central
8. Csont'e York - WR - Harper Woods (MI) Chandler Park
23. Khalid Hill - TE - Detroit (MI) Crockett

By comparison, Michigan State has #7 and #10, who are LB John Reschke and RB Gerald Holmes, respectively.

Other players of note on the list:

11. Kenton Gibbs - DT - Detroit (MI) Cass Tech: Gibbs is currently committed to Illinois and has not been offered by Michigan, but if he earns a Michigan offer, I think there's a very good chance that he'll switch his commitment.

13. Berkley Edwards - RB - Chelsea (MI) Chelsea: There has been a lot of noise about Michigan not offering Braylon Edwards' younger brother, but he's not really a need at this point.  If for some reason a roster spot opens up for a small-ish running back, he might get an offer.

24. Teo Redding - WR - Warren (MI) Collegiate: Redding is skinny and needs time to develop, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if he ends up being the Dennis Norfleet of 2013 - a late offer to a local kid who's a bit of a project.


  1. State recruiting is always overrated because the borders are largely irrelevant. It's more important that Michigan recruit Toledo than Traverse City/Cadillac/Petoskey.

    That said, they've done great this year. Missed on a few OL, but I think everyone's happy with how the class went (and again, getting a guy from Illinois is just as good as a guy from Michigan.)

    Only questions I have are regarding Edwards and Holmes. Edwards is a burner with a growing offer list. I hope he has a good senior year and ends up at Michigan, somehow, but it makes sense to wait-and-see for now. Holmes -- any back MSU is offering is a guy I'd pursue. Their recruiting at the position has been absolutely spectacular. No shame in piggy-backing.

    1. I don't think it's fair to say that MI missed on those OL (Pocic and McGovern) as much as they missed out on the opportunity to commit.

    2. Missed may not be the right word, but they're well-regarded in-state players that went elsewhere. Pocic and McGovern are different - they're not from Michigan and they were offered. Elmer was offered but chose another school. Other guys were never offered but will end up at a another good school.

      My point was it doesn't matter that we didn't get these in-state layers. Even Elmer, who was a big miss at the time, ended up being 'replaced' in the class by another very good prospect.

  2. I'm from Traverse City and some good ball players have come from here so there isn't any reason hoke shouldnt take a serious look up here.

    1. Hoke will look wherever there are good football players. "Up north" does indeed produce some good players from time to time, but the Toledo area typically produces better/more talent.

    2. I could just as easily said Kalamazoo. My comment was no diss on TC. Not at all saying it should be ignored or it doesn't produce players.

      Just saying, it's not any better or more meaningful to get a recruit from there than Toledo, which is closer to AA and (my impression) produces more Michigan-caliber players in the region.

  3. Any surprise with Khalid Hill being 23rd? Seems like his ranking has taken some hits lately.

    1. Not really. He's undersized and not particularly exceptional in any one area. Several months ago (before he was offered), I thought he would be bound for the MAC.

  4. I look at Khalid like I do at Hietzman. A lot of people really snarked at him getting offered and on the surface and from the (outside) it did not seem to fit easilly. Word is Hietzman has really benefited from the redshirt and had a very good spring and will evolve into a solid player. I look at Hill the same way. There is something there that the staff believe in and he certainly has very good hands. Hoke & Co. know what they want.