Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Season Countdown: #73 Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson
Name: Terry Richardson
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 163 lbs.
High school: Detroit (MI) Cass Tech
Position: Cornerback
Class: Freshman
Jersey number: #13
Last year: Richardson was in high school.  He made 49 tackles and 7 pass breakups; he also had 24 receptions for 425 yards (17.7 yards per catch) and 2 touchdowns, plus 1 kickoff return touchdown.

Final TTB Rating: 80

Richardson had a terrific junior season as teams threw away from Delonte Hollowell (now a sophomore at Michigan) and into the arms of Richardson, who had 9 interceptions that year.  His production really fell off as a senior, although he still broke up 7 passes and made an impact on offense and special teams.  Richardson nabbed offers from all over the country and flirted with visiting other schools, but eventually stuck to his Michigan commitment.

Heading into his freshman season, Richardson appears to be a little light at only 163 lbs.  Michigan returns both starting cornerbacks in J.T. Floyd and Blake Countess, with slot corner Courtney Avery, spring upstart Terrence Talbott, and backup Raymon Taylor also in the mix.  It seems unlikely that Richardson's services will be needed this season, and while he could help out returning punts and kicks in the future, the Wolverines have some players to do those things already on the roster, not to mention fellow incoming freshman Dennis Norfleet, who is being brought in specifically to fill those duties.  If everyone stays healthy, Richardson should be able to redshirt this season and fight for playing time in 2013.

Prediction: Redshirt


  1. Seems like he could be a star, and CB is easy to break in at immediately, but given the depth and his size, a red-shirt might be for the best.

    Seems like the kind of guy fans will forget about as the '13 recruits get most of the publicity and the '14 recruits start lining up, but I'd guess T-Rich will emerge as a starter opposite Blake Countess in 2013, though there will be plenty of competition.

    1. For a team that's trying to be big and physical, a starting duo of Countess and Richardson would be a little peculiar. They're both field corners at this point.

  2. Lank, I had always heard that CB was one of the more difficult positions to start at young (eg. the Boubacar fiasco).

    All I have to say is get this young man to training table, he should follow Pipkins around and Ondre can fill a plate up with what he would eat if he was not on a diet and give it to Terry, then Pee Wee could go eat a salad.

    1. Not what I've heard, but maybe it depends on scheme (i.e. Alabama's D requires more CB reads while man-to-man schemes don't.) The position is fundamentally about staying with your man, which is more about speed than anything else. Of course, there is technique and strategy and tackling and everything else, but compared to other positions it's easy.

      We've seen freshman after freshman earn immediate playing time at Michigan, even before the secondary depth apocalypse under Rodriguez it was fairly common for highly regarded CBs to play as true freshman. I may be wrong on some of these, but off the top of my head, I think that most out of Woodson, Jackson, Whitley, Warren, Hall, LeSeur played as true freshman. Many of them based on merit more so than depth.

      Cissoko actually looked OK at times, but he obviously had other issues beyond experience.

    2. Whoever told you that corner is a tough transition is clueless. Michigan has had a litany of freshmen play/start At the corner position, probably more so than at any other position in the last 15 years or so. Countess, Warren, Hall, Jackson, Woodson, Avery, etc. and Michigan isn't the only place where it happens.