Saturday, December 15, 2012

Visitors: December 14

2014 defensive end Lawrence Marshall
(image via 247 Sports)
I was asked for a list of prospects who are planning to visit on the huge recruiting weekend of December 14.  This is when most of the 2013 class is planning to take their official visits.

Marcus Ball - LB - Westerville (OH) South:
 Ball is a 6'3", 205 lb. prospect who is committed to Wisconsin.  He also holds offers from Arizona State, Cincinnati, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Pitt, and West Virginia, among others.  He has only been committed to Wisconsin since late November, so the bond with the rest of the Wisconsin class likely isn't extremely strong.  As a junior in 2011, he had 1,300 yards passing, 500 yards rushing, and 7 interceptions on defense.  His brother Ray is an offensive tackle who was offered by Michigan in the 2011 class but now plays at Wisconsin.  Michigan hadn't offered Marcus prior to the visit, but they could while he's in town.  They are recruiting him for the SAM linebacker position. UPDATE: Ball claims to have been offered by Michigan. (Highlights.)

Kyle Bosch - OG - Wheaton (IL) St. Francis: Bosch committed to Michigan in February.

Jake Butt - TE - Pickerington (OH) North: Butt committed to Michigan in February.

Taco Charlton - DE - Pickerington (OH) Central: Charlton committed to Michigan in February.

Gareon Conley - CB - Massillon (OH) Washington: Conley decommitted from Michigan shortly after Thanksgiving.

David Dawson - OG - Detroit (MI) Cass Tech: Dawson decommitted from Michigan in mid-October.

Ross Douglas - CB - Avon (OH) Avon: Douglas committed to Michigan in July.

Jaron Dukes - WR - Columbus (OH) Marion-Franklin: Dukes committed to Michigan in February.

Ben Gedeon - LB - Hudson (OH) Hudson: Here's a look at how Gideon's senior season progressed.  He appears to be headed for WILL linebacker at Michigan.

Delano Hill - S - Detroit (MI) Cass Tech: Hill was offered this past week and is the teammate of several Michigan players, along with 2013 commit Jourdan Lewis.  He's a 6'1", 198 lb. prospect who could play safety or boundary corner.  He is currently committed to Iowa.

Khalid Hill - TE - Detroit (MI) East English Village: Hill committed to Michigan in February.

Cameron Hunt - OG - Corona (CA) Centennial: I wrote up a scouting report on Hunt recently. UPDATE: Hunt will be playing in the state championship game next weekend, so he'll visit in January instead.

Maurice Hurst, Jr. - DT - Westwood (MA) Xaverian Brothers: Hurst committed to Michigan in June.

Kenny Lacy - OT - Phoenix (AZ) Mountain Pointe: I wrote up a scouting report on Lacy recently.  UPDATE: Lacy has rescheduled his visit for January 18.

Jourdan Lewis - CB - Detroit (MI) Cass Tech: Lewis committed to Michigan in February.

Mike McCray II - LB - Trotwood (OH) Trotwood-Madison: McCray committed to Michigan in March.

Shane Morris - QB - Warren (MI) De La Salle: Morris committed to Michigan all the way back in May 2011.

Henry Poggi - DT - Baltimore (MD) Gilman: Poggi committed to Michigan in June.

Dan Samuelson - OG - Plymouth (IN) Plymouth: Samuelson is a 6'5", 290 lb. guard who's committed to Nebraska.  He also has offers from Illinois, Minnesota, and Pitt.

Wyatt Shallman - RB - Novi (MI) Catholic Central: Shallman committed to Michigan in February.

Dan Skipper - OT - Arvada (CO) Ralston Valley: Skipper is a 6'10", 295 lb. tackle who's currently committed to Tennessee.  He has been offered by Michigan, along with Arizona State, Colorado, Missouri, Ole Miss, and several others. (Highlights.)

DeVeon Smith - RB - Warren (OH) Howland: Smith committed to Michigan in March.

Dymonte Thomas - S - Alliance (OH) Marlington: Here's a look at how Thomas's senior season progressed.

Logan Tuley-Tillman - OT - Peoria (IL) Manual: Here are some highlights of Tuley-Tillman's senior season.

Csont'e York - WR - Harper Woods (MI) Chandler Park: York committed to Michigan in May.

Lawrence Marshall - DE - Southfield (MI) Southfield:
 Marshall is a 6'4", 210 lb. prospect who received a Michigan offer in recent weeks. UPDATE: Marshall did not come. (Highlights.)

Malik McDowell - DE - Detroit (MI) Loyola: McDowell is a 6'6", 292 lb. prospect with offers from Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, and several others. (Highlights.)


  1. Replies
    1. I believe McQuay visited for the Northwestern game, and I haven't heard that he's returning for the December 14 weekend. But maybe I just missed him. It's a lot to keep track of.

  2. Is Conley coming, even though he commited to OSU?

    1. I would imagine not anymore, but when this was put up this morning Conley had not committed to ohio until later in the day.

    2. I haven't seen one way or another.

  3. Cameron Hunt and Centennial could be playing De La Salle for the CA State Championship (if they beat Narbonne tomorrow night, no easy task).

  4. Re: Cameron Hunt, Centennial scored the go ahead TD with 14 seconds left to win 41-34. They play De La Salle next Saturday.

  5. Since Centennial is going to be playing in the state championship, you may have to take Cameron Hunt off of the visitors list.

  6. 6'10 is a bit tall for an OL wouldn't you think?

    1. Yeah...and I'm not too impressed with his film. Sometimes heights are exaggerated, though, so maybe he's only 6'8" or 6'9"...

  7. Nice to get Malik on a visit with all the 2013 guys. I think he is a must get for the 2014 class

  8. Well, with Hunt and Lacy both rescheduling and Conley committing to OSU last weekend, this looks like a really lame visit weekend re: 2013 recruiting as it will be almost entirely committed prospects and a few 2014 guys. I imagine the coaches were hoping that having multiple 2013 OL prospects on campus at the same time might create a commit-now-or-lose-out-to-the-other-guy kind of atmosphere but that won't happen now. Hopefully, Dawson will just re-commit this weekend (despite not having the immediate "pressure" of a few other prospects on campus at the same time) and UM can wrap up OL recruiting for the class.

    1. Well, you're kind of right, but this was the type of weekend I think the coaches were originally expecting on December 14. They and the kids wanted a chance to spend some quality time with the kids and parents. Lacy and Hunt just showed up on the radar recently, and at least Dan Skipper will be there (if everything goes according to plan); Lacy seems like a bit of a longshot, anyway. And if Hunt is as interested as has been suggested, then I don't think postponing his visit will affect him much.

    2. Lacy was upfront with the coaches at UCLA about taking visits, but he's been pretty solid to them since. What may change things is UCLA just added in Alex Redmond and Caleb Benenoch in the past week and currently have 8 OL commits(two soft, one of which is expected to defect to Tennessee), I think Lacy may be reading the tea leaves and is waiting on what Dawson does before using one of his officials on Michigan.

  9. Not sure I understand the early offer to Lawrence Marshall. He looks slow on film and is clearly not a great athlete. Seem kind of early to offer an in-state prospect like him.

    1. I disagree. He isn't lightning quick, but his speed isn't bad. His strength looks good for only being 210 lbs, which is probably an exaggeration. I like his effort and hands. I would like to see better moves, and a stronger lower body, but he has 20 months before he would hit fall camp. I don't dislike the offer, but he's not an elite prospect yet.

    2. Lightning quick? Wow, I don't see that on film at all. He doesn't appear to be a quick-twitch athlete to me. I hope he gets a lot bigger because he looks more like a SDE than a WDE to me. PLUS, as you mention, he isn't that big.

  10. I think you may want to go watch his film again. He doesn't have a great first 3 steps but that is easy to correct. I am sure he will be at many camps this summer as most prospects are. He has good hands, gets off his blocks, can find the ball while being engaged, and has good change of direction.

    Another thing in his favor is he has good size at 6'4 " and about 210 lbs as a sophmore. Don't forget he plays de and dt. With good leg drive against juniors and seniors on interior line positions.

    I suspect he will be a top 10 kid in Michigan. Webb, Harris and mcdowell are clearly the top 3 in no order.

    1. Marshall is a class of 2014 kid, so his 2012 highlights and size (6'4", 210) are from his junior year.

      I agree that he'll be a top 10 kid in Michigan, but that doesn't necessarily make him a high quality prospect. The guys you list are good players, but there are another 7 guys needed to fill out that top 10 list.

    2. This is his junior year film, not sophomore year. I actually agree with a lot of your analysis. He doesn't have great get-off...very slow first few steps. I think the positive attributes you mention are fair. He seems to use his hands pretty well at this point in his football development. Still doesn't look like a DE prospect that I'd offer this early. He seems like the type of kid, like Delano Hill, that you could offer in December in January and still land if you wanted to. Just my opinion. Good, not great, prospect.

  11. I forgot to take my medicine last night and couldn't sleep. so i watched offensive line video thinking that would put me down for sure. I watched everything I could find on the kids that are coming along with the kid Thunder likes, Ethan Pocic,

    I think I'm taking Dawson given the choice between any of them except maybe Pocic who ain't coming anyway. He's pretty quick, drives well, clearly has plenty of size, seems mean enough and is playing against pretty tough competition.

    While I'm cutting him a bunch of slack on account of losing his dad, I lost my dad in my late 40's and struggled some, I'm taking him because I think he's the pick of the litter.

  12. Ball is interesting. Scout has him as a Safety, Rivals as an Athlete. 24/7 has him as an Athlete/QB/Safety/Linebacker.

    I keep hearing that former QBs make real good defenders. I keep thinking that it's former noodle armed QBs who are typically making these assertions.

  13. Did Patrick Kugler take official to Michigan? I did not see his name on the list.