Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scout: Class of 2013 Ohio Final State Rankings

Dymonte Thomas is the #2 player in the state of Ohio for the class of 2013
Scout finalized its state of Ohio rankings for the class of 2013.  Here are some notes for Michigan fans:

2. Dymonte Thomas - S - Alliance (OH) Marlington: Offered, committed to Michigan.
3. DeVeon Smith - RB - Warren (OH) Howland: Offered, committed to Michigan.
4. Evan Lisle - OT - Centerville (OH) Centerville: Offered, committed to Ohio State.
5. Cameron Burrows - CB - Trotwood (OH) Trotwood-Madison: Offered, committed to Ohio State.
6. Gareon Conley - CB - Massillon (OH) Washington: Offered, committed to Ohio State.
7. Jake Butt - TE - Pickerington (OH) North: Offered, committed to Michigan.
9. Ben Gedeon - LB - Hudson (OH) Hudson: Offered, committed to Michigan.
11. Taco Charlton - DE - Pickerington (OH) Central: Offered, committed to Michigan.

12. Billy Price - DT - Youngstown (OH) Fitch: Offered, committed to Ohio State.
14. Shane Jones - LB - Cincinnati (OH) Moeller: Offered, committed to Michigan State.
16. Rob Wheelwright - WR - Columbus (OH) Walnut Ridge: Offered, committed to Wisconsin.
19. Jayme Thompson - S - Toledo (OH) Central Catholic: Offered, committed to Ohio State.
20. Godwin Igwebuike - RB - Pickerington (OH) North: Teammate of TE commit Jake Butt.
22. Jacob Matuska - DE - Columbus (OH) Bishop Hartley: Offered, committed to Notre Dame.
24. Michael McCray II - LB - Trotwood (OH) Trotwood-Madison: Offered, committed to Michigan.
32. Jarrod Clements - DT - Trotwood (OH) Trotwood-Madison: Teammate of LB commit Michael McCray II, committed to Illinois.
37. Reon Dawson - CB - Trotwood (OH) Trotwood-Madison: Offered, committed to Michigan.
38. Ross Douglas - CB - Avon (OH) Avon: Offered, committed to Michigan.
39. Matt Miller - OG - Toledo (OH) St. John's: Brother of Michigan center Jack Miller, committed to Wisconsin.
40. Marcus Ball - S - Westerville (OH) South: Offered.
47. Jaron Dukes - WR - Columbus (OH) Walnut Ridge: Offered, committed to Michigan.
52. Kevin Gladney - WR - Akron (OH) Firestone: Offered, committed to Nebraska.
58. Dan Monteroso - WR - St. Clairsville (OH) St. Clairsville: Teammate of 2014 LB commit Michael Ferns.


  1. I'd trade Smith for Conley or Burrows in a heartbeat.

    Michigan not offering Miller is one other tidbit of circumstantial info that makes me wonder how well the coaches view Jack.

    1. I don't think a lack of an offer to Miller tells us anything about Jack. The coaches never offered Berkley Edwards, Amani Bass, Tim McAvoy's little brothers, etc. Admittedly, Tim McAvoy wasn't a stud, but Luke had offers from Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, etc. Kyle had offers from Arizona, Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, etc. If anyone were worthy of a scholarship because of family, it would be Berkley Edwards...and so far he's committed to the Gophers.

    2. This is a big move up in the rankings for Smith no? I dont remember him being this touted before this fall i.e. was more of a "in the 20s" kind of guy. Am I wrong?

    3. Miller, already, has offers from half the big ten, including MSU and Wisconsin. He also has offers from BC and Miami (FL). It should be obvious I'm not arguing that every sibling should automatically get an offer, but Miller's a legitimate Michigan-caliber recruit if his offer list reflects reality.

      He's on another level from the younger Edwards. Berkley is the only remotely comparable situation (where the older brother went to UM and the younger brother got offers to other schools). Edwards only big offer is Minnesota. I don't recall Bass getting any.

      As for McAvoy - I wasn't familiar with that situation but it kind of supports my point - McAvoy wasn't good for Michigan, so they stayed away.

    4. @ Mark

      I don't remember exactly where Smith was ranked early on, but I definitely don't think it was anywhere near #3.

    5. @ lanknows

      Edwards also has an offer from Cal. It's not quite as impressive of a list, but there were a lot of people clamoring for him to get an offer (including his family, obviously), and so far the coaches have held off.

      Michigan has exactly one defensive end in this class, and that's weakside end and athletic freak Taco Charlton. There's a bit of a logjam at SDE from last year (Strobel, Wormley, Godin), not to mention a young guy like Heitzman. If you look at the list of defensive ends Michigan offered, they're mostly elite guys. Perhaps the only guy with an offer list on par with Miller's is Gaius Vaenuku. The rest of the players have been pursued by the national heavyweights - USC, Texas, Ohio State, Miami, Alabama, etc. Wisconsin is Miller's best offer, then probably Michigan State, then...who? Purdue? Illinois? If Michigan were to offer, they would instantly be the premier program on his list.

      So again, I don't think it has anything to do with Jack.

    6. Well, I too wish we had offered Edwards. However, his older brother's character might be working against him. I think the bigger issue with him is size and the fact they took 3 other linebackers.

      You could make that same excuse for Miller except...Dan Samulson. Samulson's offer list is similar but inferior to Miller's. He supposedly got an offer from Miami (FL) which is pretty good to go alongside Wisconsin, MSU plus offers outside of the Big 10 and MAC. Also, Wisconsin knows a little something about OL recruiting it's safe to say. Miller's offer list is not Alabama and USC, but it's a nice list all the same. Samulson himself was a bit of a backup plan, and them choosing him over Miller should tell you something.

      That may or may not reflect on Jack Miller, I don't know for sure, but it strikes me as curious. Believe what you want - I know you're a supporter of Miller - but I'm seeing another tidbit of circumstantial evidence that the coaches don't think much of him.

      To put it another way - there's no evidence that the coaches trust the kid to play. Yep, he's was just a red-shirt freshman, and yes, it takes some kids longer to develop than others, particularly along the OL -- I'm just saying there could be cause for concern and the presumption that he'll be the starter in 2013 is a leap of faith.

    7. The presumption that anyone other than established starter will grab a starting job is a leap of faith. It's all a leap of faith, because nobody's been named a starter yet.

    8. No - not really, only if you insist on viewing everything in absolute terms (black and white). There's more information available than just who started - like who played.

      A lot of backups get to work their way into the starting lineup. There is often a natural succession. They compete for a starting spot early - they may not win but they compete (e.g., Schofield). Then they get to rotate in situationally (e.g.,Ross) or at least play against either inferior opponents (e.g., second half of MAC games) or as injury fill-ins (e.g., Wilson). It's not common for a guy to go from not playing at all (or close to it) to starter. Assuming that will happen is a leap of faith, whereas as thinking someone like Dileo can replace Roundtree is a logical projection of evidence and ability considered together with opportunity.

      The faith bit comes in when theres a lack of evidence. In Miller's case, 2 years into his time at Michigan, there's very little.