Thursday, February 21, 2013

Steve Breaston Released by the Chiefs

Breaston looking bored
 As you may have heard, Steve Breaston was released by the Kansas City Chiefs.  Breaston played for Michigan from '03 through '06 and finished his college career with 156 receptions for 1,696 yards and ten touchdowns.  He also made a name for himself as an electric returner, racking up over 3,500 yards between punt and kickoff returns.

After college, Breaston was drafted in the fifth round by the Arizona Cardinals where he spent four years.  He appeared in almost every game, and averaged 60 catches per season in the years following his rookie debut.  In 2011, Breaston signed with the Kansas City Chiefs and continued his solid receiving production with 61 catches for 785 yards.  But for some reason, Breaston's numbers fell off a cliff in 2012, and he struggled to even get on the field, finishing with only seven catches.

It seems unlikely that at only 30 years old and after years of consistent production that Breaston has nothing else left to offer.  Here's to betting that the 2012 season was just an outlier and that he will find a home with another NFL team in the not too distant future.


  1. Man I hope that the Lions sign him. He's be a great replacement for Stefan Logan and Nate Burleson (yes, I want the Lions to release Burleson too). Then they could pick up another guy in the draft since Broyles seems to be a tin-man.

  2. I meant "made of glass," not tin-man, but you get the point..

  3. It's truly unbelievable that the Lions find themselves needing wideouts with all they've invested in the position lately.

    They should pick up Charles Woodson, too, since they also need help in the secondary. He could play both ways!

  4. People tend to forget that Martin Mayhew was in fact part of the 0-16 GM tandem. Matt Millen had no business being in anybody's front office, but Mayhew may just be a bit in over his head too.