Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scouting Report: Andrew Brown

Chesapeake (VA) Oscar Smith defensive tackle Andrew Brown
(image via Recruit 757)
Name: Andrew Brown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 292 lbs.
High school: Chesapeake (VA) Oscar Smith
Position: Defensive tackle
Class: 2014

Notes: Holds offers from Alabama, Auburn, Cincinnati, Clemson, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Georgia,  Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Penn State, South Florida, Syracuse, Tennessee, USC, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and West Virginia . . . Rivals 5-star, #6 overall . . . Scout 4-star, #5 DE . . . 247 Sports 5-star, 99 grade, #1 DT, #4 overall

Strengths: Big body but not sloppy at all . . . Could carry another 30 lbs. comfortably . . . Quick first two steps . . . Shows effective pass rush moves (club, spin, etc.) . . . Speed and quickness to beat interior offensive linemen consistently . . . Violent tackler who could create turnovers in backfield . . . Shows speed to chase plays down from behind

Weaknesses: Does not use hands well to defeat blockers . . . Needs to improve inside hand placement . . . Has ability to stay low, but does not play low consistently . . . Does not move feet well when engaged with run blockers . . . If he does not beat you with his first two steps, he lacks proper technique and drive to fight through blockers

Projection: Defensive tackle.  He could play defensive end in a 3-4, but he looks more like a 3-tech defensive tackle to me.  Eventually, he should be playing at 310-320 lbs.  He will have to learn some technique, but the athleticism is there to be an elite college defensive tackle.  Wherever he ends up, he will likely play and make an impact early in his career.  I do have concerns about his maturity (he flexes and poses too much, and there have been incidents of his cockiness at camps, too), but that won't stop schools from recruiting him.

Reminds me of: Delvon Simmons (Texas Tech)


  1. Sounds like somebody I'd enjoy on the roster. Any chance that we're moving towards a 3-4 in the future? I have no issues with the 4-3 weak or a 3-4, but I didn't know if the amount of linemen/linebackers that we're taking indicate one direction or the other.

    1. I think we'll be running a 4-3 for the foreseeable future.

  2. I understand character concerns with recruits who display grade apathy or trouble with the law, but if he's just a windbag who likes to show off, that's fairly easy to correct at the next level...and being not 16 will probably help.

    I mean, who WASN'T a dick as a junior in high school? C'mon, Magnus, no one's innocent.

    1. I hope it's easy to correct. But I certainly don't want someone like him incurring a bunch of 15-yard penalties for talking trash, dancing, etc.

    2. If it's above and beyond, I'm sure Mattison and Hoke would take care of it.

  3. Note: That is NOT to say "everyone kills, everyone steals" or anything along those lines. All I mean to say is that high school athletes...particularly elite ones...tend to suffer from inflated heads.

  4. Alternative theory re: Mr. Brown; he's not necessarily immature, he just has a working TV and watches NFL defensive linemen.